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Aftermarket exhaust?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cbar6, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. So am considering new slip on exhaust.
    Maybe Hindle,
    Maybe Jardine,
    Question is: Carbon fibre or Titanium?
    Race core or Street core?
    Has anyone else experinced the dB given by the race core? How loud?
    What brand cans would ys recommend?

  2. if its for the street. get a slip-on or a road system.

    I gotta Leo Vince SBK carbon and it looks'/ sounds great!
  3. i got a full yoshi race system on my gixxer. and it is very loud. Draws to much attention for the street and is made for racing tracks. Agree Tome's LeoVincy system is nice, and are cheap toboot!
    Carbon fiber or Titanium?? only cost and what look you like really count.
  4. For value for money, noise adjustability, and after sales service I could recommend no other than Ken at Megacycle Exhausts in Dandenong.
  5. Staintunes have a good compromise. Removable silencers, probably just legal with the silencers in, definately no where legal with them out (there are louder pipes though). They sound great on the Twin. There is a noticable performance gain with the cans in race mode.
  6. Yoshi RS3 slip/bolt on for an inline 4. My ZX6R sounded horn with it on, really had a "bark" to it.

    The SP1 with the full yoshi system was insane, it was far far too loud @ 127db @ 5000 RPM stationary
  7. Yep, im a fully paid up yoshi fan too. Yoshis sound tougher than any other exhaust ive heard. They have a little of that old school coarseness(made up word) with a ate model zing. I love my yoshi :)
  8. Yeah,
    I like the yoshi cans but have heard that they are loud.
    I want something a bit more deep than stock, not too loud also with a nice idle.
    Jardine come in both Street core and race core, with a screw in silencer module for the race core can.
    I like the carbon jardine.
    Cans are so expensive here is Oz, so will most likely import from USA for a few hundred $$ saving.
    Yoshis are so cheap in USA too. From OS forums they dont appear to be too popular.
    Dilemas dilemas......
  9. Go the Yosh sounds great. Or try an Akra pipe for a sweet sound.

    Cheers 8)
  10. Yeps gotta agree with the comments on the Yoshi's. Had a TLR1000 with the full race system. Would set off car alarms and rattle the hell outta the front windows of the house!!! I would always wunder why on a ride no one would follow me!!! 8)

  11. Yeah, have listened to some sounds on the net with all brands of pipes, but in reality its hard to decide what brand to go for. Im not really into squeezing major hp out of the bike, just want a cleaner sound. So the stock is 92dB at whatever rpm(too cold to go outside to look, maybe 6000?)
    On an underseat the Yoshi is a bit small to fit the gap
    the D&D is a great big gape of a hole
    most others stick out way to far past tail
    micron is hard to find at a good price OS
    So i can get a Jardine cabon to my door for about $500AD against the local shops that want like $900 for a carbon. Yoshi is bout same price.
    Ill never ever ever buy bike gear in AUS again. Someone along the line is making big $$$$ on markup of these goods.
    For any item worth a few $100 the savings on importing yourself are considerable.
    So i think i will go for the CarbonF Jardine in street core.
  12. mate i rang ken at megacycle this morn for a price on a muffler for the 12. Was very good price, around $550 for a stainless one if i remember just have to wait 2 weeks for availability