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Aftermarket exhaust for my Aquila GV250

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Chapters, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Had a work mate rock up to work on his GT250R and heard him coming a long time before he turned into the driveway - he has just purchased an aftermarket exhaust, i want to get one for my GV250 but have tried the normal stuff like ebay and google and not been able to find anything - i dont want to get scamed by buying an 'Official' Hyosung part -

    -- Any Suggestions?

    i am heading to Sydney next week so i am sure there must be an option between here and there.

    Thanks -

    -- Chapters :cool:
  2. I am told that you can also get one from http://www.madaz.com.au/index.html

    From memory, it's about the same price as the Hyosung one. The factory one does sound good :)
  3. Hey Chapters ..
    As much as its a great idea to be better heard on 2 wheels, I was thinking ..its a hell of a trip to Sydney, especially being the 'first' of such distance.
    >> (I assume).
    Consider the fatigue factor ( ie careful you dont end up with an annoying 'drone' at high speeds ).
    Just something to consider.
  4. Hey VCM,

    All under control - am doing trip over 2 Days - first stop is Family in Temora NSW --(Free Feed and place to sleep) - so trip is split into tow 4.5 hour rides - with lot of breaks to streach my legs -

    -- Chapters :cool:
  5. Your options may be very limited (assuming there is even a factory one produced) for 2 reasons:

    1) It's a Hyo, and they are not very well supported by the aftermarket because they are somewhat less popular.

    2) It is a cruiser with 250cc
  6. from what i can see TWEET - thats right its either a Custom Job or the official Hyo brand - does anyone think that there would be any real differences? as it looks like the price is about the same -

    -- Chapters :cool:
  7. You don't expect it to sound like a Hardly do you? because it wont...
    And I hope you don't expect it to sound like your mates GT250, again cause it wont.

    I honestly think that for small capacity bikes, especially those in sedate state of tune from the maker, it will nett almost nil performace gain, and the sound won't differ much either, which is very little return for the $$ spent
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  9. Chapters.
    I had a GV250 for about 2 years with the factory slash cuts
    get them from Staffords in heidelburg and you wont regret it.
    I would advise some quality ear plugs though as they are a bit boomy at 100+
    if you can get it done in time i would advise doing the jet kit for 70 -120 odd dollars it will make cruiseing at speed much much nicer. I delivered mine from rowville to Daylesford the other week to the buyer (I am such a nice bloke :) ) though with the origional pipes fitted and it was a fantastic ride. 110klm no sweat!!.
    Oz Chris will agree that the pipes make a world of difference to the aura of the bike and i think you will be impresed with the comments you will recive.