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Aftermarket exhaust for 99 ZZR600

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by ball_bag001, May 21, 2006.

  1. Can anyone give me advice on the best exhaust for 99 ZZR600? I am after some more noise and performance and advice on which brands etc and whether I should look at going with a single can or keep the twins out the back!

  2. pair of staintunes will probably get you the best bang for the buck what with local support and all.

    Single cans are only useful for reducing weight. Personally, i prefer the symmetric look. YMMV
  3. you'll get a nice note, but don't kid yourself that you'll be getting improved performance
  4. A full system is what your after if you’re looking for some performance increase. Then again, you'll need to get your engine retuned ect to fully reap the benefits.
  5. If your goona put on pipes and get your engine tuned to suit while your there get a jet kit fitted and the minimum you can expect 10 hp :grin:
  6. Yeah what they said.

    Forget performance, unless a 2hp gain is exciting for you :p

    Buy & fit a Yoshi RS3. Mine sounded so awesome a friend also got a yoshi whos sounded equally as awesome.

    Ya can't beat the yoshis for noise :)
  7. has anyone found some websites for exhausts supplyers?
  8. having just gone thru this with a mate
    there are only 2 local suppliers of zorsts for a ZZR600
    Megacycle and F1

    Staintune will do a special 'cans' only but not cheap

    he chose the Megacycle...price is good and sound is awesome
    they are also in Melbourne (Keysborough)


  9. Not many Australian muffler joints have good websites (not complementary skills), but Magnum are locally-made copies of Laser pipes. I have a Pipemasters pipe on my bike whch I've very happy with after two years. I've had Megacycle before and it was okay, but pretty cheap-looking (and costing, so that's alright). But a muffler is more or less a muffler: if you're only putting on an end can(s), the brand names will be a little better made but forget any extra serious power.

    Without the right jetting you will lose power. If you are competent you can do it yourself and save a lot of money: install a Dynojet kit, or shim up the carbie needles a bit with brass washers. Otherwise, get a Kawasaki-experienced mechanic to do it.

    Performance Bikes did a series in about 1994 in which they tried to make the ZZR keep up with the then-new YZF600 and CBR: pipe, jet kit, optimised forks.