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Aftermarket exhaust for 2011 Honda cbr250

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by camshaft, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hi to all Net Rider members, need some help with aftermarket exhaust for honda 2011 cbr250. I know it only 250cc but i hated the look and the sound of it, it sounded like a scooter. Even my 2 stroke mower sound better than this . I would like something that sound like a real motorbike.

    I have search the internet but no available, has anyone know any outlets or other website which i am not aware of. Anythings will be greatly appreciated , i like to ditch this useless pipe as soon as possible.

    Oh will the bike still be comply by the RTA after the stock pipe has been ditched. As i am still a learner and not ready for MOST yet?

    Thank you guys , looking forward for your reply.....
  2. There's not much you can do to make that puppy sound like a real motorbike....sorry :)
    I doubt whether they have made slip-on's for the new cbr yet and I imagine that once you take it off and replace it with another can that it will not meet with EPA requirements/emissions etc. The chunky pipe act's as an emissions/noise level controller for the bike.
    Does the muffler bolt onto the mid pipe?

  3. I know what you mean by the stock sound. I did a demo ride day on one and sounded too agricultural to my liking.
    Moriwaki has bought out a nice looking exhaust as well as a whole host of other aftermarket parts for the new cbr250
    If buying local you'll need to order them thru Mick Hone motorcycles located in Melbourne.
    If you search around there may be other aftermarket exhausts available too.
  4. Only ones I have found are in Thailand or Indonesia .

    The stock pipe contains a cat converter

    There is a join in the exhaust about 8 inches from the can

    if you look at my pic, You can see the can with its silver cover there is an allen bolt on the cover that sits between the silver cover and belly faring thats about where the join is. Looks at quick glance to be some sort of V band clamp

    Action MC has a new cbr with a gp style muffler from danmoto for a 250 ninja custom fitted.

    looked like this exhaust
  5. Straight through pipes on a 250 sound god awful. When you hear an ear piercing roar only to see a little 250 lumbering off the line you look like a dick.

    I got an aftermarket for my CBR (91 model) and had it on for a few weeks but got over looking and sounding like a douche real quick.

    However the stock pipe also looks and sounds gay so my aftermarket pipe is in a shop getting some perf tube and fibreglass wool stuffed inside.

    Try and find out before you get the pipe if it has a baffle or if it just a hollow tube, coz hollow is garbage.
  6. It's a bit too early as this bike just started to sell - but it is selling very well by all accounts so no doubt all of the aftermarket guys will jump on the bandwagon. Just give it a bit of time, and lots of options will appear in a couple of months at most.
  7. Thanks for the reply guys.,I guess i just have to wait for awhile until someone from the local market bring it out. Like Racing Turtle said the bike is fairly new to the market so until there is a huge volume of these bike on the street than surely they will bring it out...

    What's my concern with this stock pipe is that the quietness is a safety issue, if the car driver cant hear it and your're in his blind spot the chance of the car driver changing lane and not knowing you are there is a concern. That is my opinion anyway plus the dam stock pipe is UGLY looking...

    Thanks again and stay safe......
  8. Yeah i am not too sure if the muffler bolt onto the mid pipe, by the look of it, it the whole unit. I might unbolt the outside cover and have a look if that the case.
  9. Thank you for the web site., really nice looking pipe i wonder how much they cost and what the sound like ? Unfortunately the site are in jap....
  10. pretty sure that bike biz are advertising one for the 250r or was it bgw oh I have been looking at to many boots but it was one of them
  11. Well the cheapest pipe for the cbr250r on that website is a stainless steel slip on, 42,000 yen or 479.62AUD. Plus shipping, and the dealer's going to want to make a profit, maybe 600-700 bucks if you order through Mick Hone Motorcycles. I bought my bike from them!
  12. Bigger exhaust on a single cyl?
    No thanks!
  13. The exhaust that the local market might bring out may not to your liking both sound & aesthetics.

    Moriwaki were given a sample 2011 CBR250R well over 6 months before anybody in the world got their hands on one with the sole purpose of doing it up and coming up with aftermarket products to offer for the markets after it's release and hence you could also see from the links I've provided they have some tasty mods readily available.

    The stock pipe as was the case with my cb400 is very quiet and if you intend to commute on it poses a danger as cagers merge in to your line because they don't hear you. Because they don't hear you they also don't see you. After going for an aftermarket exhaust system the difference in driver attitude and vehicles hearing me and looking for me was huge and well worth the change. Highly recommended.

    The Australian importer of Moriwaki products is Mick Hone Motorcycles located in Melbourne. The price inclusive of shipping for a single set would range $600-800. Now if you want to reduce that cost you might want to do what me and a few other cb400 riders on this site which was to unite our interests and submit a single order for multiple exhausts which will lower shipping costs. We ended up saving $100 or more doing it this way. Good luck in whichever exhaust you go for.
  14. I wouldn't bother, its still gonna sound like a single cyl even with a nice aftermarket pipe.
    Would love to check it out when you get it though :p
    Staintune and maybe even Megacycle would make a pipe for you, local so no need to ship from japan.

    Good luck
  15. Well, as the saying goes, 'if loud pipes save lives, just imagine what learning to ride could do'. Rather than relying on making noise, try to practice positioning yourself outside of drivers blind spots... it's a useful skill to master.

    But I know what you mean - I would want to change that pipe ASAP myself! Just for the looks if nothing else, it would be worth it.
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  17. Thank again for all the insight., i will be definitely changing the pipe for sure, just waiting for who got them and what they sound like. Also i would like to hear from other riders with the same bike if they too will be changing the pipe., and if anyone else has it change already.

    Many thank for a valuable inputs....Cheer
  18. Yes definitely it safety issue, we riders has to take extra caution when riding on a busy road. We have to read the car drivers action before they react so we can take counter action. Car drivers are lock in their cocoon and in their own world and if you get one bad driver make a mistake, one rider gonna be seriously get hurt.

    If the noise of the pipe gonna make them aware of the rider beside them ,then i am all for it. I am not after a go fast bit, just a pipe that emit sound not a sleeper pipe.

    Cheer mate....
  19. Staintune and maybe even Megacycle would make a pipe for you, local so no need to ship from japan.

    Good luck[/QUOTE]

    Thank for that i might google them and see if they offer any .,yeah the jap stuff are so expensive ( i guess they are a quality item)

  20. Those were pretty much exactly my outlook when I began riding too. I was not after the go fast bit but found the bike was too stealth in day to day commuting and came to the conclusion car drivers couldn't see/hear me until I was right besides them which at that time it could be too late as they could easily merge into me hence went for an aftermarket pipe within a few months of buying the bike.