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Aftermarket Exhaust & Compliance

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sven, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Some months ago I was riding my GSX1400 along the Putty Road (just north of Sydney) on a Saturday. I was amazed at the number of police cars checking speed. At the northern end, the police were pulling every single motorcycle for a random breath test. While we were stopped, they examined every single motorcycle, looking for modifications.

    By the way, I agree with RBT but I can't help thinking a test BEFORE riding the Putty Road might save a few more lives!

    Back to my story, Mr. Plod noticed my Remus aftermarket muffler, couldn't find a noise compliance sticker (because stickers haven't been required since 2006) and issued me with an EPA inspection notice.

    I bought my bike without the noise-limiting insert so I was a little worried. I spent $80 ordering one from overseas but it didn't arrive in time for the inspection, which I passed without the insert (My bike - 91.5dB. Maximum allowable: 96d8).

    In hindsight, I was a little annoyed by the whole affair: I wasn't pulled over for doing anything illegal and I wasn't pulled over for excessive noise. The officer was just looking for reasons to issue notices. With inspection fees and the order for the insert, it cost me $120 for obeying the law on a roadworthy bike!

    There's an interesting postscript, which may be of benefit to others issued with noise inspection notices. I used my iPad and the "Decibel 10th" app to measure the noise. I tried to mimic the inspection procedure as best as I could (see http://www.ntc.gov.au/filemedia/Reports/NatStatExhaustNoiseTestSept2006.pdf for details) and returned results within 1dB of the official test. The point is, if you get a noise inspection notice, you can do your own test with an iPad and it should give you a good idea of whether you will pass or fail.

    I installed the noise limiting insert and returned results mostly within 1dB of the free exhaust. The insert doesn't make much difference.
  2. Cops are fcuking dead shits putting u through that when your bike was legal the whole time. This country is a joke. On a lighter note I was patrolling the loading dock at work yesterday and a cop pulls into the dock and I told him to move his car as trucks need to unload there. He said but I'm a cop. I said I don't care who u are this is for trucks only. So good
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  3. I reckon the problem is not the cop on the street but the policy makers who come up with the ideas.

  4. GSX1400 + Remus........and you were not making excessive noise.....

    Shame on you....
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  5. Maybe should have let him experience a B-double backing into him.