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Aftermarket/Custom bars for VTR250

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Funky Munky, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of someone that makes handlebars for a VTR250. I want to make the bars sit lower than stock. Give the bike a bit more of a sporty look.

  2. i guess you could go to your local bikes shop and they should have a range there. just check to make sure with full rotation of the handlebar it will clear the tank and not crush your hand. try searching for renthals or http://www.mcas.com.au/
  3. I tried that with my gs, i fitted some mx bars. but they were too wide so i went back to stock. There seems to be heaps around though, just grab a set and ask the guy at the counter if you can take them out to see how they'd fit your bike. Lots of pretty colours too, the one i tried were gold. I think you can even get purple. :?
  4. You can fit any numbe of handle bars to a VTR250 as said above motor-x bars and if you think they are to wide as also said above you'ld be surprised what you can do thes days with a hacksaw.
  5. lol, yeah, i sawed them alright. but then there wasnt enough space between the end of the bar and the bend to fit the grips and switchblocks back on. oh well, got em cheap anyway :)
  6. There is so much to choose from... any large bike shop should be able to supply you with some samples or you could go through their catalogs... years ago I found a set of A bars and fited them onto my old XS250... man I had my self a sports bike!!!