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Aftermarket Centre Stand

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by meri5441, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. My bike doesn't have a centre stand and I need one.

    Has anybody had experience with any of the options?

    Is the Rollastand any good?
  2. I just saw that product in TW. I would like to know how you actually get the bike on the stand to start with. The read roller would have to lock in some way or you would need to have the bike on the sidestand pull it towards you so the rear wheel lift and you get the rollerstand under the rear tyre.
    You can always buy a race stand. lifts your rear tyre off the ground completely and keeps it there.
    They are a tad expensive, around $140. I just sold one too.
  3. Just go the Paddock Stand and you will need some bolts (cant remember the proper name) for the bike as well, about $30.
  4. They are generally called pickups or spools. I've been trying to get a combination oggy knob and spool called a swing arm slider to double as more protection for my bike and as a pickup point for a paddock stand. But I'm having having little success with getting them in Australia.

    I might see if I can get a Yank to purchase them and send them over to me so if anyone is interested give me a yell.

    As well as the Rollerstand, and a paddock stand you can try getting the quick stand.

    http://www.rollastand.com.au/ (go aussie!!!)


    Or as some people have done you can make your own. (Admittedly its a front stand but you get the idea)


    But if you have a bike with a single swingarm then your going to have to get a specialised paddock stand which will probably cost you a few more bucks.

    Vic where are you getting your paddock stands from, best I've seen is $160-$190?
  5. From our very own ismith ??
  6. Just bought one of these today for $65, bloody magic - Very stable on the side stand, made lubing the chain and cleaning the wheels a breeze, and means I don't need to fork out for a paddock/race stand for a while.

    Disassembles really easily so you could fit in in a tank bag or whatever, and more amazily taken apart it would fit under the passenger seat of the R6! :shock: :D