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After work rides this week? 8th - 12th Feb 2010

Discussion in 'QLD' started by r1_forever, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. Anyone keen for some after work rides this week?

    I finish work at 3.30pm so I can be ready and waiting by 4.30 at either Nebo, Samford or Daybora if anyone is keen for some fun.

    Either way I will be riding 2 or 3 afternoons this week so I figured some company would make it even better (y)
  2. hey i might be up for a ride on wednesday arvo... wont no for sure untill tuesday but deffinately keen
  3. Damn you guys. I have got next week off work (15th-19th) and will definately be doing some mid week rides. If anyone is interested I'm up for any time, any place, any day except Friday :)
  4. I can do Wednesday shane. Where do prefer to meet up? If not then we'll have to catch up another time.

    I'll be doing this again next week Scotty so hows about a ride then?
  5. Hey R1 Wednesday arvo is still good for me, I will be comin from south side u just tell me where and wen to meet u an I will be there lol...

    And Scotty I am up for the week after aswell. I see ats u'r b/day 2days after mine lol... So that means we deffinately gotta catch up for a birthdy run somewhere... Lol...
  6. Hows BP The GAP on Waterworks Rd (opposite the golf course) at 4.30 sound?
  7. Sounds like a plan, see u then
  8. Next week sounds fantastic to me. Let me know what days you are going and I will be there.
  9. Great to meet you Shane! We'll have to get out there more often :beer:
  10. Yeah cheers for lettin me tag along, had a ball, god I love goin over there...
    I wanna do a few more rides up the north side so wen ever u headin out give us a buzz...

    Hey Scotty any where in particular u wanna go next week?
  11. Was going to do a couple of days. Was planning on doing a full day (maybe 400ish km) up to the Sunshine coast hinterland etc. one day. Do you have any days when you don't have work on?

    Proposed route is something like this if your up for it????

    Probably quick stops for a stretch etc at most of the points.
    Possibility to end up abit longer as I like going back uphill the back side of Mt Glorious so may double back to do that. There is also a good couple of kays from Montville towards Palmwoods then double back again. Also found a road called Scotts Rd along the route but it is all dirt :(
  12. thats 1 hell of a ride that i am deffinately up for lol...
    how does next wednesday sound?
    get a good early start...
  13. Wednesday sounds good to me. It's on provided weather is OK.
    What start time? 6:30 at The Gap BP???
  14. 6:30 it is... Catch ya then....
    Any1 else keen to join?
  15. Anyone is welcome to join.
    Haven't ridden all the roads before so it will be a bit of an exploration.
    Don't know how many extra takers we will get Shane, as it is a midweek ride.
  16. Meg we can only put it out there lol...
    Sometimes a smaller group is better anyways...

    How bout
  17. If not for work I'd be there with bells on!
  18. Pull a sickie R1. You know you want to :)
    Nah that's alright, I will probably do it again soon and try to set it up for a weekend so a few more people can come along.
  19. Will be doing Nebo this arvo. Friday 12/02/10

    BP The Gap at 4.30pm on Waterworks Rd opposite the Golf course :dance:
  20. Would love ta join ya R1 but I am up the coast for the weekend....