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After work Blat

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by stewy, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. What started out as a quick spin through the back of mt dandy turned into a 250km round trip.

    Left work at 4 and decided to go out through berwick, up begrave halem road up to gembrook out to woori (and from gembrook to woori not a car to be seen or hol dme up....woohooo). Upon reaching woori at 5.30pm i now had the spur set within my sights instead of taking the normal route i decided a bit more adventuring was in order so head out through the back and found a road by the name of patons gap.....wow (not for the inexperienced) what a road.....it's a real ball tearer piece of road with not one car.....with all different types of road surfaces, some corners had slightly less grip then others plus quite different corners with a little bit of gravel scattered here and there and no posted speeds at corners really made it quite a changeling piece of road to ride.

    But the best part was half way through it turned to dirt and but it was quite well packed surface at the start and with the sun in my eyes didn't pick the change of surface....it's not fun to hit a changed road surface at around the 100 mark.....never mind next thing i know the bike starts to move around underneath me "relax, i tell myself" drop the speed back to around 60-70 and shot through the dirt section out the other side to fast sweepers and into healsville the back way......

    Now with 120km used of my 200 tank range (since i left work earlier that afternoon) time now approaching 6.00....i wasted no time in heading for the spur and it was certainly worth it.....a couple of laps of the bottom part of the spur (every run was perfect not a car to be seen, i could just concentration on what i was doing) before heading up to ray's.

    Upon reaching rays a some hot food was in order before realising shit i only have tinted visor and am advised it gets dark there around 6.30 or so.....look at th clock and that hour of the night is fast approaching.

    Saddle back up for the run back to healsville. Was a great run back only a few cars but caught them at the start of the straights so no issues with them, only a stupid down shift issue (my own fault) were i must of shifted it down twice and of course my trust steed beneath protested against the suggested gear choice as i let the clutch back out, as the rear tires makes a quick chirp and then the huge step sidewards :shock: (i assume it just compression locked on me) as i just nuded her back up a gear and straightened her back up and then last minute and quite hard tip in to get things back on line and through the the corner we go....fuel light now on constantly with light fading fast i pull into healsville for some more fuel, with no time to waste as i still have to get back to rowville.....

    Back out through yarra glen in in through the back of lillydale and home. All in all just on 250km quick blat after work that i left work at 4.00pm in dandenong and arrived in rowville at 7.30 that evening.......do you reckon work cover would cover me seeing as i was on my way home from work......i swear i just got lost and i was trying to take the quickest way home possible :LOL:

    So whos up for next week?? :grin:

    cheers stewy
  2. I envy you and those good rds you live near! :evil: Sounds like you had a grand time - apart from the hairy moment! As for the visor - get one of those visor carriers like the one I've got and you can stay out till all hrs of the night then :cool:
  3. Pretty cool Stewy...sounds like I will have to come exploring with you up that way!

    I tell you what though I'm loving working in Berwick...everyday I leave home go up Mountain Hwy to Sasafrass, then on to Olinda, Emerald, Beaconsfield then Berwick...with hardley a straight bit of road in sight...then going home I do it all in reverse!

    Was a bit foggy today though!

    Love it! :)
  4. yep it was a great ride.....what time do you normally finish.... as hoping to start to do atleast one run a week with just different routes :)
  5. 5 on the dot usually...would be up for an after work blat thats for sure! :)
  6. I'll be up for one of these for sure.
    And daylight savings is just around the corner.
    More Spur = Less cars. Gidde up.

  7. cool well pending on how the weather shapes up next week i will post something up
  8. Nice to get out and about, good to see a few of you doing that. Nice outing Stewy.