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After two weeks without bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iondah, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. I finally get it back today!!!!!!! :dance: :biker: :bannanabutt:

    Sorry, but I'm so excited about it I feel it is necessary to tell the world.

    The bike only went in to get the clutch looked at but then I stupidly decided to get a new front tyre put on which took a week to order from Queensland!!!

    But I get back today! Wooooot! It has been an absolute drain not having the bike for so long and I have been getting twisty cravings, especially now the weather is fining up in Melb.

    So rain, hail or shiny I will be up the Spur this Saturday! Weeeeeeee!!! :grin:
  2. I have an intermittent EFI fault on my Suzuki, and after 2 days without the bike I am climbing the walls - hope I don't have to wait 2-3 weeks!

    My wife has noticed that my moods are darker - I seriously need to just get out there and squirt!
  3. Cheers mate . Ride safely ......
  4. Seriously, my mood has become so dark I dont know what to do with myself !

    the wife should be able to help you with that Peter....... Oh, squirt on the bike........ lol :)
  5. LARF @ Paul. :LOL:

    Yeah I even considered getting the push bike out on Sunday... Christ what am I saying?! :shock:
  6. Try 2+ months :( :(
  7. Whats the story there Kyro?
  8. not much of a story, buy a bike, fix head gasket.. do 1,000km and the head goes again.. got rid of it an i'm left with nothing at the moment.. :)
  9. woooo! you got your bike back!!!!!!!
    better reclaim that 'special' parking spot... (even though its the same as the rest of them.....)

    Yay spur
  10. I can understand your excitement- i've been off the bike since may and that's enough of a wait for me. Can't wait now to get the new one! :cool:
  11. Was that you I passed twice on the Kew Boulevard just after 4pm today? I was the guy in the blue helmet (with two white stripes) on the black SR500, and there was a red SRX250 going the other way. I was happy to see a fellow single pumping away :)
  12. Thats gotta suck. Longest time I've had w/out a bike was 7mths.
  13. try 8+ months :(
    but the pain all ends next week when i'll be shopping for a new bike!
  14. the bike was ok, i mean is was old cbx250.. i would still be riding it if the head didn't do its thing again.. only down side was i could just get about 60-70km in a tank freeway riding, i guess i couldn't blame the ol' thing i was ringing its neck with the wrist all the way back as far as the throttle could go.. did struggle a bit with me on it. may it rest in peace. amen. :LOL:
  15. Nope, not me! I picked up the bike about 4:45pm then rode home on the
    Monash. That's a bit of a coinsidence though, don't see too many SRXs around now. :)
  16. Was that due to weight of your ass? or was the bike cactus? :grin: