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After the rain my bike would not start

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jandrew, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I ride my bike to work last night, and it started to rain a little. I was showing a couple of people my bike, for the first person it started first kick (Honda NSR150sp).
    Then i went out later to show someone else and it would not start, so i left it a while longer and same problem. Eventually about 4 hours later i kept trying and it started.
    I am new to bikes and have little idea about the mechanics, but i thought that maybe it would not start due to the heavy rain/high humidity for some reason.
    It only has 1800km on it, its a 2002 model bike. Had about half a tank of fuel, as i thought this maybe the problem.
    It did seem like it was not getting fuel, as i have ridden around the block with the fuel off and it took ages to start again
    Thanks for any advice

  2. Maybe, just maybe, the water entered the kill switch and was shorting out the contacts.

    If a bike won't start after it gets wet it's either water in the fuel (not easy to achieve on an NSR150) or water in the electrics. About the only thing exposed is the kill switch - it would have to be an amazing storm to get in under the fairing to short out the plug...

    Water could possibly enter the top of the carb via the throttle cable, but since your bike is so new the grommet should still be sealing the entry area. I think that would also take days of being left in the rain, and it would have to be torrential and blowing a gale to get in and under there...

    No connection, really.

    Hey, you got a near new one too! I thought ours was good with only 3700km, and it is good because even now it has not yet been ridden in the rain...

    Did you turn the fuel tap to reserve? A lot of new riders get caught out with low fuel. It should start within 5 or 6 kicks from running out of fuel. Don't use the choke when hot. Does it idle OK at around 1300-1400 rpm without problems, once warm?

    Hope you enjoy the bike as much as we do ours. :)

    Trevor G
  3. double post sorry
  5. You probably flooded it. You should never start a vehicle from cold, run it for a few seconds, then turn it off.
    I used to be a breakdown mechanic and would see it all the time, people start their car from cold, drive it into their garage then turn it off. Even after standing overnight they often dont start without pulling the plugs or cutting the fuel.

    If you need to start a vehicle for a brief period let it run for a minute before turning it off.
  6. Thanks for that, makes sense, i hate seeing people start their car, stone cold and just floor it!
  7. jet ski's are often abused like that.