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After the fires have gone

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by kiwi/carl, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. I was fortunate to tag along with afew bloke on a ride through healesville,marysville,alexandra,yea,kinglake,yarra glen and back to healesville.
    Which I have heard alot about,but until recently hadn't the opportunity to ride.
    The black spur, what a ride,told blokes ride around thier at high speed,crazy.
    Good to see alot of regrowth throughout the forest and the fantastic folks at marysville and kinglake have there heads up high and getting on with things.Keep supporting these guy's,stop and help thier local economy.Until you actual see the distruction that occured first hand,you can see what these people went through.
    The ride through alexandra,yea was exceptional,good scenery,roads with nice open curves,straight sections up and down hills,both places have really good places to stop for refreshments,food and good conversation as well,yea I felt was the better of the two,more variety.
    From yea,yarra glen to healesville riding the hills was fantastic,taking in all the views of the boutique wineries.
    Going back soon to take afew photo's and more of the sights and sounds of the yarra valley

  2. Stunning area isn't it.
    I plan on heading out there when my bike is back on the road - camera in hand - so many photo ops.
  3. I was up at Mt. Disappointment the other week a took a few photos. The new growth is spectacular.

    Here is a sample or three.




  4. Strathewen Valley back in August

    I've been in and out of most of the fire areas since just after the fires and decided I wasn't going to take photo's of burnt homes. I just didn't want to be reminded about what I saw in the future. Now that there is regrowth it's amazing to see how quickly nature recovers from this sort of disaster but we humans are dragging our feet.

    These photo's were taken back in August in the Strathewen valley.

    This photo was taken off Eagle Nest Rd looking over towards where the Primary School once stood on School Ridge Road.

    This photo is looking towards Eagle Nest Rd from near the top of School Ridge Rd.

    The two masts you can see were put in by SP Ausnet in the days after the fire went through to replace a power pylon which collapsed in the fire storm. Basically there is a cable between them holding up the 3 bundles of power cables coming from the Snowy Scheme to Melbourne.
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  6. Thanks everyone for the photo's,just goes to show how much the fires have touch so many lives and life goes on.Please continue to support the people of these regions.
  7. i got called up to the fires, spent a week up there based out of kingslake.

    i can remember whilst we were driving everywhere to do what we had to do that i'd have to come back with my bike sometime, the roads are fantastic. haven't done it yet, hope to do it this summer.