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After some opinions on helmets.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mikey213, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. I just recently bought a tinted visor for my helmet which i bought a year or so ago, because i wanted a flip up for everyday riding.. it has my bluetooth setup for the gps.. for the long trips and going to places i don't know how to get to.

    its an RJAYS tourtech helmet, and i know they don't have the best reviews but it does what i need it to do, and i'm going to keep it set up for the touring side of things i guess.

    my 1st helmet was given to me, and i don't know what brand it is has no markings on it, its now in the top of my cupboard ill reserve it for if i ever take my brother out on my bike.

    I'm now after another helmet a full face one for everyday riding and at some stage in the future commuting, i am after the ones that have a clear visor and the flip down sun visor.
    i've read several threads on here, and saw positive reviews for the shark vision R helmets, and i think it was MV posted a review on a icon airframe, which from what i can see is not available in Aus.

    my budget is a modest $500 and below.. so i can't get the fanciest helmet out there but i want something that will suit my needs, which are just casual riding and i've done a few big trips i guess, one being to lakes entrance for the first time, and i have plans to ride to sydney at some point in the year to visit my uncle, and go for a ride with him.

    So i think that's enough info on what i will need it for.

    the main things i am after are
    *Clear visor with the flip down sun visor
    *Reasonably quiet, although not essential as i wear headphones 95% of the time.
    *Not too heavy on the neck, i've tried on helmets which have been rather heavy and i find this uncomfortable
    *Not worried about graphics, minimalist and not bright colours..
    *$500 budget and below is all i can afford at this stage.
    *Full face
    *Good ventilation for the summer and closed for the winter.

    I hope this is enough info for people to post some good helmets and their opinions, i don't want to start a pissing contest on who's helmet is the best, i want a variety of helmets which i can then choose from, and go try on at either AMX or local shops.

  2. shark s900
    hjc is-16
  3. I've got the Shark Vision R and I'm happy with it. You can't beat the flip down tinted visor and it's under $500.
  4. i'm quite content with my rjays striker helmet...and at $180 makes it easy on the ol' hip pocket...anddd after a quick check up - rhok helmets are $518 off ebay - something to look into? time to hassle tak?
  5. And what is good about these helmets? more info please

    Ah great you own one, how is the noise, ventilation and is the sun visor good? its not one of the ones that can get scratched easy.

    Yeah i'm not after another Rjays, i just intend on keeping the one i have for the reasons stated above, as for rhok helmets.. i was on his website and they're almost 600$? and they only have the clear visors or tinted/irridium, not a combination of both, i would prefer not to have to carry around 2 visors.

    and i can't wear sunglasses.
  6. The noise isn't too bad but I wear earplugs all the time as I mostly do longer rides on 100k/hr roads (I don't commute to work). It's definitely not the quietest helmet though. Ventilation is good, front mouth vent and two vents on top of helmet with exhaust at back. Sun visor is really good - I really like the fact that I can flip it down or up when I need it while I'm riding - I've not scratched it yet. Hope this helps.
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  7. It does help a lot.

    i wear headphones too, so noise isn't much of an issue, but i don't want to have it too noisy.

    ill see what everyone else says and go from there, thank you for your input!
  8. You're welcome!
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  9. the shark s700s also has inner tinted visor which i find really good for riding into the sunset. ;-)
    great ventilation too. only $300 so within your price range.
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  10. Excellent, gives me another helmet to add to my list and try on.

    hopefully some more people post their opinions, or i might just have to get a shark!
  11. A work colleague has the Shark with the flip down "fighter pilot" visor.....he loves it
    He's last lid wan an Arai (Vector? I believe) - so not a budget lid
    He prefers the Shark
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  13. this is a good website i'm just reading it now, by the sounds of it and looking at other reviews the shark model i mentioned is probably going to be the go.

    no one else has really chimed in so it looks like the business.
  14. I'm pretty sure Shark helmets is known for their safety, so you don't have to worry about that.
  15. Yes and No...

    The most noteable characteristic being one shell size....

    Look at a Shoei @ Sharp and then look at the Shark...

    The Shoei has different shell sizes for different helmet sizes - the Shark doesn't

    However - all things considered - This particular Shark (the one your're looking at) fairs very well indeed.
  16. Have you checked the Speed - R they just came into aus i think and iv got one on order. arai's and shark are the only brands to fit my head, tried on the size up from mine and it seemed all class but that was bang on the 500 dollar mark.

    this is the model i ordered if i get it ill make an initial review and then follow up after a couple months

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  17. the larger shell size can only aid in from safety perspective.

    is-16 can vouch for. i have one. it has everything and does everything. (well almost. no chin spoiler and peripheal vision is not quite up there with the top shelf stuff)
    it's just a practical utilitarian helmet for daily use.
    mine is all scratched up from my locker and it stinks. but who cares. it's in that price range where i can by a new one once a year.

    icon airframes are avail in Aus. amx stocks them sometimes. but no internal sun visor.

    can't go wrong with any in the shark range if they fit you.

    for your budget i'd probably go the arai vector. try it on and you will see why.

  18. ill be heading to AMX in the next few weeks, hence i made the thread early for people to respond with their suggestions, ill add the ones you've suggested to my list to try on and have a look at.

    thanks guys.
  19. I've got a Vision-R and found the internal sunvisor is not as good as I thought...

    May be its only my eyes but its not dark enough to make a big difference in the bright sun,
    at the same time it makes shaded areas too dark.
    Could be the material its made of, because its the same feeling as if I put on those cheap sunnies

    Otherwise love the helmet, just the feature of flip down visor is not that good as I hoped
  20. the internal sun visor is the hjc ain't that great either,
    takes the edge of the sun, but into the sun not much help.
    better than nothing though.
    there is a yellow tinted version of it you can buy as a replacement. that deals with glare better.
    i guess you could mix and match that with a light tint visor.

    it's a very cool function anyway. worth it for that alone.
    push of a button and it snaps open to reveal your eyes at the lights.
    ogling girlies in hatchbacks really go for it. have'nt recieved boobs in response yet but always hope