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After some advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Totaln00bRiderSA, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. hey guys, sorry if ive placed this in the wrong forums :blackeye:

    first off, im Drew. from my stalking, you all seem like cool guys, im looking forward to getting to know you all over time :)

    so, as the title suggests, im 100% inexperienced, i currently dont have my license (sitting the safe rider course within the next few weeks) and just after some advice.

    so, first off, the bike im looking at is a 1988 Honda Spada 250. ive found alot of opinions on this bike, and its all been good, but they were dated 2007. im just looking for some more "up to date" opinions. has it held up well over the last 7 years? is it still a very good LAMS bike?[​IMG]

    thats the actual bike im looking at, its selling for $1,400 and has only done 23,000kms are there any things i should be looking at specifically with a bike of this age? according to the owner, its had the following work done.

    2 Brand New Tyres front and rear

    Brake Bleed and flush done to both front and rear

    New chrome handle bar

    Also, as the bike is in Victoria, and i live in SA, ill be flying over to pick the bike up, then riding back to SA. can you guys see any problems with a rookie doing this? is it not advisable?

    any help/tips that your willing to share would be much appreciated :D
  2. Hi Drew yes you have posted in the wrong forum. The usual procedure is to introduce yourself in the welcome lounge and then post your bike query in the appropriate thread..
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    ah, My apologies Mcsenna, will this thread be moved? or do i make a new post?

    well, i guess that answered that question. haha.

    thanks for not biting my head off :D
  4. No worries, put your bike question in the Bike Reviews, suggestions forum. Posting in the correct forum will get you a better result.
  5. Welcome , Drew !

    Can you maybe tell us a little more about yourself ? eg : how old are you ? If you're young , do you have roadcraft experience from driving a car in a rural / country road environment ?

    The reason I ask is that the Ridersafe course is only going to equip you with the basics of riding a motorcycle. As far as I know , you won't go higher than 3rd gear and there will be NO actual on-road (ie out in the real world roads) riding .

    As for the bike , providing it's been mechanically looked after it should be ok engine-wise . Unless the suspension has had a refresh , then the suspension will probably be a bit tired.

    How 'new' are the new tyres ? eg : have they only just been put on recently ? Or were they put on new 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 etc years ago and the bike has been sitting around doing nothing since ? If that's the case , the tyres will most likely have gone hard and will be severely lacking in grip , which at this time of year especially is not good.

    What are the chain and sprockets like ? If they're stuffed you'll be up for couple of hundred dollars to replace them.

    I realize that these questions are hard as the bike is in Victoria but you need to find out before committing to it.
  6. I wouldn't recommend such a new rider embark on such a long trip on an untested 24 year old bike. Surely there is a good lams bike closer to your home.
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  7. Hi mate. Welcome. The ride home is for someone with more experience.
  8. Hire trailer. if you don't have a car with a tow bar find a mate who has one and offer him beer and a free weekend in Victoria
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  9. Way toooo far to ride 1st time up
  10. Bear in mind you will also be on your Ls which means you are limited to 100kph so in Sa you will be doing 10kph less than the other traffic, not fun.
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    okay, im 25, and i do have road experience (but no current license) but also almost no rural/country driving experience (just commuter driving) i havent been able to find anything appealing in my price range in SA, hence why ive looked to victoria for the bike.

    also, i do expect there to be issues to repair, since you know, its 26 years old. lol and this is something ill be able to do myself, as i was a mechanic in a former life. haha.

    GreyBM, ive been trying to factor the cost into it, and after i pay for a trailer, fuel, bribe a mate to do it, i can imagine i would be up for a fair bit more. its hard to estimate just how much this will all cost me. any ideas?

    Oh, GoldNine, based on what i can see from the photos. the rubber looks quite new. and we arent talking tyre shine new, the rubber itself looks to be in fair condition[​IMG]
    this is the best photo i can find as far as the tyres go, id roughly guess maybe replaced within 12 months?

    but thankyou so much guys, ill reconsider what it would cost me to hire trailer, pay mate etc, or even look at some freight.

    Our best price to transport a 249 Honda Spada 250, Door to Door, from Melbourne to Adelaide is


    holy crap. i might just get it freighted! :wacky:
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  12. At that price , sounds like a good idea , Drew ! :)
  13. Surely there's a gpx, zzr, or similar in sa that fits your budget. That bikes pretty old
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    sadly, the cheapest bike i can find in South Australia is $1,750 for a scooter. ive found CB125E's for around $1,900 that are only a couple of years old, but the bike just doesnt appeal to me in the slightest.

    and yeah GoldNine, i was surprised to find it so cheap. everyone was quoting me almost $500 for it then i found a company called "Bike Logistics" who could do it for $272 :D

    actually, can someone advise while im thinking about it....

    if i decided to change the single headlight to a double, is this something i need to get approved before doing? or am i safe as long as the headlights are ADR approved? and ditto with switching the rear brakes + indicators to LED's? (just thinking of some little changes i can make here and there) :v
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  15. If the lights are ADR approved you should be OK.

    Rear brakes and indicators generally fail if you use the combined units available because the distance between indicators is not great enough to pass requirements.

    Group L Vehicles Lighting and Light Signalling Devices
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    basejumper, appreciate the link, but my current budget doesnt stretch that far. honestly, the bike im gonna get only needs to do me for 6months or less, as ill be getting an XVS 650 later on down the track

    was all ready to pay for the bike, and the guy tells me its sold. heartbroken. really had my eyes set on it.

    so ive come up with 3 alternatives. if you guys could share some opinions, that would be awesome

    another Spada...
    this one doesnt seem to be as "clean" as the one i was looking at, and there really isnt anything descriptive about it, though i get the feeling ill be up for a new front tyre soon. $1,500

    #2 1995 Yamaha XV250
    this one hasnt been used in 2years, and has been garaged the whole time. selling for $1,500 and im kinda keen, but ive got a feeling after 2 years of not being run, ill be due for more than just a service.

    #3 2005 Kawasaki GPX250R
    this one is only $1,200, and it has some visual damage that i associate with possibly a small crash (kinda looks like sandpaper has been taken to some of the fairings) the guy admits that the horn needs rewiring, and it needs a new chain, but its also currently registed, which as far as i know means that it has a RWC and therefore is drivable?
    small tear on the seat as well, which doesnt overly concern me.

    now, i know these 3 are by no means the cream of the crop, but i believe that all 3 will do me for my 35km commute to work 4-5 days a week, and not alot more, and should be up for the task until i get my 650.

    The GPX is probably the one im leaning towards as the owner has been upfront about the current damage. waiting on pictures front on/ engine close-ups and suspension close ups as well

    basejumper, i just realized there are ALOT more bikes on Gumtree in SA than im seeing.

    im searching "motorbike/South Australia/+50km and getting nothing.

    maybe ill need to look at gumtree more closely.
  17. My thoughts, are get on the plane, buy the bike and ride it home. You only live once, and if you live to tell the tale you will be able to tell the grand kids about when you were young and..,
  18. I would buy that gpx for sure. U can get a chain on eBay for $50
  19. yeah, definately quickly leaning towards th GPX, the price is right.

    sure, its a little scratched and beaten, but chances are, im gonna make it worse, so i wont feel TOO guilty about fcuking it up ;)
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  20. If you buy the GPX and you want a Ventura rack let me know, have one in stock.