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After some advice

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. After some advice/ ideas.

    My 5 year old daughter has gone off eating meats or anything that comes from animals i.e milk, eggs etc.

    So basically converted herself to vegan.

    A hippy treehugging rainbow warrior's dream child.

    Now me, I'm a carnivore, love my meats.

    Also, apart from that there is also the health side of things of eating a balanced diet.

    So any ideas?
  2. Never had to deal with this one, but I think I'd just go with it - don't make a big deal, and wait for it to pass.
    And in the meantime, you can keep her nice and healthy on things like mushrooms, leafy greens and legumes like lentils - work them into your own diet too, and you're not cooking two meals...

    ETA: A quick Google turned this up - proteins and iron are what you need to make sure she gets...
  3. I've got an idea
  4. Sprinkle all her food with protein powder.
  5. You need to get to the bottom of how and why this came about. Kids get some funny ideas in their head.

    The problem you will have, is that the sorts of foods vegans need to stay healthy are the sorts of foods most kids don't usually find particularly palatable.

    However, as suggested earlier, don't make too big a deal of it. How long has this been going on?
  6. What about flavoured milk? It may be a trojan horse you can use?

    Otherwise, perhaps the approach if you are going to eat vegetarian you will need to take these iron supplements, these Vitamin B12, these Omega fatty acid and these Vitamin D tablets every day. The onerous nature of that may work as a disincentive.

    Before any vegetarians get on their high horse yes you can live perfectly healthily as a vegetarian given a balanced diet without supplements. This is not something a 5yo can do IMHO

    Good Luck David :)
  7. Kids are easy to fool, so try some subtle reprogamming:
  8. it will pass might take a while becasue she is female but it will pass
  9. Haha I wouldn't recommend it, but you've reminded me of a story...

    I used to go camping with a mate at Sussex Inlet, and one time we met a family with a young, fussy man: the 6yo would only eat "chicken"...
    I didn't believe he was that easily fooled into into vegies "disguised" as chicken until one afternoon...
    We were all fishing in the inlet and the young fella landed a nice bream. He asked dad what kind it was, and quick-as-a-flash dad replied "Chicken-Fish".
    The little bloke loved it later for dinner, with some home-cut "chicken-chips" :D
  10. If your daughter is only 5 and already laying down the law on what she will and wont eat, you have got bigger problems than just her diet.
  11. So, no more ice cream for you missy.

    Cakes, biscuits, yogurt.... etc etc
  12. our 6 year old is similar, though not quite so extreme.

    we have limits on yummy things and she can't have them without a certain amount of less-yummy things being eaten first. some nights she goes hungry because she refuses to play ball.

    oh, we also play the exceptions for all they're worth. sausage is a vegetable in her eyes, so I'll run with that!
  13. I love animals
    Some taste better than others..
  14. How did a 5 year old get the idea to stop eating meat?? odd.

    If you want to embrace her decision and feed her what she wants, without writing a book here there is plenty of vegan options (A quick google search you'll find all sorts), its not all rabbit food as people make it out to be.

    i mean i hate vegans the most to cook for as they are a pretentious bunch.. but since its a kid.. hm you're in for a fun time, as NK said most things that would be good for her if she were to not have protein, she may not even like.
    hopefully its just a phase.. but you could always try the bribery trick.. i hope she realises that she can't have ice-cream any more or sweets.

    i seriously want to know how she came to the conclusion to become a vegan at 5, who do you know would have put this idea in her head? or is she just at an age that animals are too cute and she doesn't want to eat them.
  15. Damn straight...
    Also, very interested how she came about this decision... Have you told her the amount of vitamins and pills she will have to take to supplement her diet, id She even understands what your talking about...What about drawing a chart of all the food she can eat compared to the stuff she can't?

    I'm all for people choosing what they want in life... But not when they are 5 and if the incorrect diet is maintained and permanent growing damage can occur then it time to pull rank.
  16. Advice?

    Don't eat your kid!

    Sorry, I got nothing useful. Vegan, vego, meaty, It's all just food. If she's happy let her go. If she starts looking sickly take her to the quack asap. I work in a school and there are so many eating disorders. Choosing not to eat certain foods isn't a disorder just a choice.
  17. Is it hiding an allergy? Does she feel sick, have a sore tummy or anything else happening after she eats meat, milk and eggs? You can develop an allergy after being fine for years.

    Meat used to make me sick. I've only started eating it the last few years when my ex managed to convince me to try it. Turns out I like meat. I just hate my mums shit cooking of meat.
  18. Surround yourself with delicious animal products that aren't obviously animals. Sorry honey, this cake has egg in it. Sorry honey these jelly beans have horse cartilage in them. Sorry honey this mango has panda in it. She will come around or at least you can have fun tormenting her.

    This is not good advice but I do love tormenting children.