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After Market Slip On Exhaust for a 250cc

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Twisties92, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    Recently picked up a Honda cbf250 from a friend. Started working on her and noticed the stock can is extremely huge for a such a small bike. Also had a thought that seeing its pretty heavy it might actually be robbing the bike of much much needed power.

    Need your suggestions however! What is a good 250cc after market slip on exhaust? All suggestions are welcome! Keen to give this cbf250 a new sound as the current one sounds very ...well stock would be the right word ;)

  2. Unless you dislike the stock sound, don't bother. You won't see any power gains, and the single cylinder sounds ass imo with a slip on after hearing a few ride past. or following them on my bike.
  3. I figured there wouldn't be any noticeable power changes to the little thing. The current can is all scratched up from the owner's fall. Its the only thing I'm happy to pop some cash into otherwise its always going to look crap.
  4. Get a stock replacement from the wreckers in good nick then.
  5. There are heaps of cheap ones on eBay. Just measure the pipe to get diameter and do a search
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  6. Dont, just dont...

    So many horrid sounding 250's on the roads already
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  7. Hence why I'm swapping the exhaust!
  8. Possibly unrelated, but would changing the exhaust effect the LAMS status of the bike?
  9. Na...go the yoshi!
  10. Based on what? The sound of your inline twin? Because even though I'm not a fan of that noise, it sounds miles better than the honda 250 single.
  11. I agree with some of the earlier posts. 250cc bikes sound crap with after market exhausts. If you can pick up an OEM pipe from a wrecker at a good price I would go that way. But, OEM can be expensive so look around for an after market pipe that is reasonably quiet.