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After market pipes

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by wayne, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. :( Can any body out there tell me where i might get hold of a nice sounding pipe for my 250 4 stroke scooter.. It seems to me that no one really cares to supply nice pipes for the scooter riders. How ever i think that there would be quite a large market for them. So if you know of any site or shops that stock these i would interested... :) wayne

  2. Try Megacycle in Dandenong. He has done custom jobs for a couple of people I know.
  3. what scooter you got?
    check out ebay uk or germany
    try scootercenter.com
    or try googleing pmtuning, psn scooters, beedspeed, taffspeed
    or even try show and go motorcycles in adelaide, they hav a few pipes and contacts.
  4. I suspect if there was a large market for them then you would have no trouble getting some. Definately more of a custom made job this one.
    Perhaps look at some of the OS sites as modding scooters, especially in Europe is much more popular.
  5. Thanks guys for all your help . Will check out the diffrent sites.. PS the scooter i own is a bolwell freinze.. wayne
  6. i used to own a bolwell shark 50cc. and it took a little bit of research to finally get an exhaust pipe.
    firstly you need to find what the real manafacturers name of you scooter is
    from what i gather bolwell put together sym's and tgb's
    next do a search for any other scoter world wide that has the same engine
    mine was a bso5w which also came out in the sym jet and sym euro
    from there it was a matter of jumping on a few website's and finding out that technigas next r suited both those scooters and there for suited mine.

    technigas are probably the cheapest of aftermarket pipes. however there was a 8klm/h improvment after fitting.
    but your best bet is to derestrict then play with rollers and pulleys
    theres a guy on ebay uk called scooter assasins
    he has alot of sym stuff. i bought countless parts off him and he never let me down, always a plesure to do bussiness with.
  7. Kizza, you are talking about tuned pipes for two stroke engines not four stroke exhaust pipes like Wayne was asking for.

    Also, Bowell don't import TGB, you are thinking of PGO.
  8. yes i was talking about tuned pipes for two strokes but the same searching is required for an adequate aftermarket pipe. i found the sharks engine was in about 8 different scooters, so im guessing the firenze could be using an engine out of something else maybe voyager 250,hd 200 or even joyride /rv 200.
    best bet is to start with sym main page with a taiwanese page translater similar to babelfish.com

    yeah pgo is the one, i always get those to mixed up
    hope this is some sort of help

  9. I have been trying to find a good tuned pipe for a PX200 for ages, ScootRS have them but I am looking for one with a right hand exit where the can comes out under the gear selector.

    If anyone has any contacts or even one for sale, hit that PM button and win a prize (making me happy, ok so that's not much of a prize but still...).