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after market muffler for a cbr 250 rr

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by yohcaptain, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. hey guys :grin: i want to let cagies know im around :twisted: so im lookin for a after market muffler for a cbr 250 rr that would do the job..but still be legal :p TY for suggestions in advance :wink:

  2. Dunno if its legal or not, but haven't been pulled up for it yet, but i know a guy who can open your exhaust up rip out the insides and put it back together again, so looks pretty stock still, but sounds better....

    But really, what does the government allow you to modify and still use on the road :roll:
  3. I saw a thread on this over at www.cbr250.com where people were simply taking a hammer + flat head screwdriver and ramming the baffles out of the stock muffler. What followed was apparenlty decent sounding, and fcuking loud.

    Alternatively roo racing (www.rooracing.com.au or something) make a CBR250RR muffler in carbon fiber for around the 650 mark. It is meant to sound brilliant, can here it from kilometres away.
  4. You can gut the stock exhaust but then run the risk of being reported to the EPA/Vicroads. Even if a neighbours rings up and reports you, you'll still have to go down to Vicroads and get the bike tested. Which means buying another exhaust to meet the EPA restrictions.

    I've heard debaffled CBR250s and frankly they still sound like a buzzy little sewing machine. Anyone that thinks differently is quite deluded.
    Cars don't even hear my staintuned VTR1000 at times so don't rely on sound.
  5. www.madaz.com.au do awesome quality stainless jobs, legal and race (loud!) systems (approx $500).

    Alternatively, if you are after something cheaper, try www.southerncrosssports.com (Melbourne, email them- don't go off there web list) and see if they have any 2nd hand carbon ones, etc. Often they do.
  6. You can jam a star picket down the end of the stock exhaust and it'll make it loud.

    Or you can go to Megacycle and pick up an exhaust which will also make it really really loud but not have the tinny sound that the above will give you.

    I'm not sure about the price of the megacycle but pm Aaron (Fireblade) about it because he got one from there recently.
  7. Try Megacycle I do belive they can make them up at a reasonably good price and the sound is good.
  8. The Megacycle can on MattyB's bike is freakin' loud. So loud I'm self-conscious riding it down the street.
  9. :p :LOL:
  10. It's probably the same CBR250 I hear screaming up and down my street occasionally. Ear piercingly loud and annoying. Dunno how guys can ride them like that.

    BTW - you do realise this is the bike rice equivalent of sticking a 3" exhaust on a hyundai excel :D
  11. excel's with 3" zorsts are freakin hot man. Serious, my cousin has one. Hes sooooo cool.

    i wish i had a better sounding can for my liddle 2fiddy though.
  12. Mate 12 months isn't as long as it sounds. Then you can just buy a bike that sounds good ;)
    The $500 you'd pay for a good aftermarket exhaust plus carb tuning would go a long ways towards a new bike when coming off restrictions.

    I honestly can't see the point in bolting on an exhaust purely for sound. If it ain't broke don't fix it and if it doesn't make you go faster, fcuk it off completely.
  13. Gut the stock can.

    You get the noise you want, and it costs you SFA.
  14. Stick to a legal option. Gutting your stock pipe wiill make your pipe illegal to use.