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After market indicators

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by traveller, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Hi All

    Just wondering if any one can help me, i have a cbr rr 250 and i need new indicators but what i was wondering can you fit the smaller new funky after market indicators instead of the honda ones? how much are they? how much to fit them? and most of all can you do it yourself if you are a novice? and what can go wrong and why? i hear motorbike shops can do it all for you but its about 150 dollars if nothing goes wrong and if it does could be 250 or upwards. but if i can do it myself i would love to and get a great finished result.
    Can any one help me ?
    thank you all in advance.

  2. I bought a set of small aftermarket indicators (not the LED-type) for about $20. It was as simple as unplugging the existing indicators and plugging in the new ones.

    If you get LED ones sometimes you need to install something to regulate how much power they receive so they don't blink really fast (then again you could leave it like that). But it certainly isn't going to cost $150-250.

    You certainly don't need to get a bike shop to do it for you, it's about the easiest modification you can do to a bike.
  3. Hey
    Sounds good might just have to give that a go then. Do you need any finishing plugs to seal them off properly or anything? Do you just go into the bike shop tell them what bike its for and they give you what you need.? I dont wnat LED light just normal ones.
    Any other help would be great.
    Thanx :grin:
  4. I did the same with my biike. It was REALLY easy! Get some cheapies from the bike shop (don't spend too much because you'll probably sell your bike when your off your restrictions and won't get the money back). Then make sure the bike is not turned on and start pulling off the old ones. I found it easiest to do them one by one so that when you unplug a wire, you know which one goes back in etc. Good luck with it. Try and get ones with a rubber stalk, so they don't snap if bumped!
  5. After market incicators, frustrated!

    Hi all

    When i went into the bike shop yesterday to get my small after market indicators for front and back the guy said you cant do it on a cbr rr 250 because the mounts arnt right. He told me to buy the same ones i have to replace them. I dont wamt those big bulky ones i want to place small funky ones on can any one tell me how they have mounted theres as the guy said to me they have to screw on and cbrs dont have the right attachmentsso you cant.
    Its so frustrating they didnt even offer me a solution to get roud it and i refuse to pay 30 bucks per indicator for something i dont want.
    Any help is appreciated thankyou all

  6. take the mounts off stick some cbr mc19 indicators on ( the old cbrs flush mount).
    I'll do it for a six pack plus parts if ur in sydney