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after market exhausts

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Raie, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. hi all,

    I am posting a question about the benefits of an exhaust and hope this is the right section to go into.

    I have read and heard that an exhaust improves the performance of a bike (and increase top speed/power etc). As I know nothing about mechanics of a bike, I was wondering what after market exhausts do to improve a bike, and are they worth it?

    for eg. i am interested in a honda vtr250 and a lot of youtube videos for "vtr 250" turn up exhaust videos, and the most popular one is the staintune exhaust. what does this do to the bike and are these things worth the mod (esp on a used bike?)

    Thanks in advance,
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    Its not a huge gain if any TBH
    I have a zzr250 and had ken from megacycle do my exhaust and gotta say i love the sound now :) for me it was more about the sound on the road because the lil Z could hardly be heard, also had the added bonus of it now cold starting better than it did b4 :)
  3. If you JUST change the muffler, the performance difference is almost irrelevant.

    Looks better, sounds better.. and thats why everyone does it.

    To get the most out of it you'd be better off changing the whole exhaust system and then retuning the engine to suit it, with a re-jetting or programmable computer for efi.

    There's also some other reasons why people change mufflers, my main reasoning for the one I just ordered from Screaming Demons Australia is that its smaller than stock, and would allow me to use my throwover soft saddlebags without the worry that they'll droop onto the exhaust every time somethings in there.
  4. thanks all. i guess it won't be something i'll worry about then...
  5. Hi Raie

    An aftermarket exhaust will improve the performance of a bike but that will depend whether the exhaust is a slip on or a full replacement system. A slip on will have less of an improvement in comparison to a full system.

    I rode my bike for 6 months with the stock exhaust and came to the conclusion that:
    • It is too quiet
    • Car's couldn't hear me
    • Engine made more noise than the exhaust
    Since replacing my exhaust system with a full aftermarket exhaust system:
    • The bike is loud but not too loud
    • Cars can hear me in advance which makes them search for me on the roads which makes them see me
    • I am heard before I am seen
    • Bike sounds much nicer
    In your case yes putting on a staintune on a used bike is worth the mod.
  6. i would go anything other than a staintune, they are not well designed. are very shiney though.

    most people change it either for the sound, or to lose some weight from the bike (standard exhausts are usually quite heavy) and to give an increase in performance.
  7. @ResmeN that is a very interesting point - you have me thinking positively about a loud bike now... I have always thought the quieter the better to not disturb people and be stared at and head shaken at... but being heard by cars is definitely a good point!

    @JimmyD that is interesting - it seems to be a very popular exhaust for the vtr250.

    when people say performance increase, is that speed? faster acceleration? better handling? or other?
  8. From looking at a few dyno curves - 3-4% performance increase if you're lucky. The other reason that I don't think has been mentioned here is the weight. Some stock exhausts are quite heavy, and reducing weight is always better for handling.
  9. My bike is not currently too loud with the aftermarket exhaust but the stock exhaust is ridiculously/dangerously quiet. You will get used to the new sound within a few weeks and aftermarket exhausts on a vtr250 will not be offensively loud. Take a look at brands like moriwaki, megacycle, yoshimura etc as you aren't limited to staintune.

  10. would it be cheaper to source the exhaust from somewhere and then get someone to install it - or buy it from the place installing it?

    i am not very mechanically handy so i highly doubt i will be able to do it myself..
  11. Not all shops would stock the exhaust you're after so in most cases you would have to order it yourself or have it ordered by a shop. Installation should cost between $50-100 depending on slip on or full system.
  12. you could also try ebay or similar, as the strength of the aus $ compared to the us $ makes for cheap parts.
  13. The other thing is, you cannot have the same mentality about how much hp needs to be made to have an effect compared to a car for e.g. a car weigh's 2ton, a bike, 160kg. A couple hp does stuff-all for a car, but does a lot more for a bike because of the power to weight ratio.
    Not to mention there wasn't any mention about power made anywhere else other than peak rpm power.

  14. sourcing from the usa at the moment should save you a few dollars(quite a few) then ask your local dealer to fit it,but he maybe a bit put off that you didn`t buy your pipe from him.
  15. staintune are barely any louder than stock, but they are legal... if that matters.
  16. Good day Raie... I bought a Spanish made can through Screaming Demon Bayswater, WA..... Wow what a beautiful muffler and sound (lighter and also much smaller). Traveled South and went for a test ride in Sydney and spoke to a BMW rider. I was told that his bike is too quiet and thus too dangerous (as no one would hear him). This convinced me to purchase a 'can' I'm glad I did it sounds very throaty, other drivers hear me and the bonus is that it looks smicko!! One suggestion if you do the end (Muffler) you should also do the beginning IE sports air filter and then get it tuned by someone who know what their doing. Best of luck.. Life is short
  17. Ooh. Do you have any photos and/or videos?

    Is there much difference between an expensive exhaust and a cheap eBay one if I'm getting a slip on just for the sound and probably appearance? I have also found that no one sells vtr250 exhausts at least not listed on their websites. Should I simply call and ask them?
  18. Exhaust systems are relatively straight forward if you get a replacement one designed for your particular bike, you dont need to be a mechanic to fit one either. Think of an exhaust as part of a package.....exhaust/carby rejet/efi retune/high flow airfilter. More fuel + more air + easy breathing exhaust and you will definately hear and feel the results. Couple this with a different sprocket for top end speed and the VTR250 will be like a new bike.
  19. Would a 150 no brand off eBay be comparable to a 700 branded like staintune, Leo Vince? Or should I generally stay away from the really cheap ones and maybe opt for a cheaper branded one like yoshimura or roo racing for around 400-500?
  20. Cheaper Chinese exhausts off ebay are more likely to leak and will not be comparable to most other known brands. Staintune looks the same as stock and is only marginally louder.

    Moriwaki make a nice exhaust for your bike which can be ordered thru Mick Hona Imports in Melbourne.


    For my next bike I will highly consider Blue Flame as you can order, design everything online at a good price. Their website is currently down but I have heard nothing but good things.


    If all else fails Leo Vince or Yoshi will be fine.