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After market exhaust for GPX 250?!?!?!?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by student of insanity, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Hey all

    Still deciding whether to upgrade to a bigger (but older bike) or whether to stick with my faithfull 2fiddy?

    If I stick with the little fella I would like to make him sound like a big fella!

    I want people to hear me coming and then reel in shock when they see it is a little 2fiddy :demon:

    I want the cagers to know without a doubt where I am as I filter through them.........then I want them to hear me roar as I leave them for dead at the lights :grin:

    But most of all I want a sound that reflects the big heart my little 2fiddy has, a sound that will put an even bigger grin on my face every time I ride it :LOL:

    Asking too much?? I hope not....

    Now the tricky part........ it seems that not many manufacturers of AMP make them for the GPX? I have emailed MC mufflers and I am waiting on the reply.
    I also wondered if it was worth my while spending a grand or so on pipes for a bike I will be selling eventually to upgrade :?

    Then I read the post about removing baffles on a Z1000 and I wondered if that could be done to my baby?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated (just try not to make them too technical as I am a mehcanical ignoramus)

    Thanks in advance and cheers

    Ps I have already posted this topic once and it seems to have been lost in cyber space so if it ends up getting listed twice......de ja vu :)
  2. If you have a lay grand that you want to throw away, I'll have it! :p
    In short. Save your money or "invest" in a better helmet or riding gear.
  3. A waste of money. Buy a bigger bike and find ways to waste even more money on it instead.
  4. hmmm starting to agree with the waste of money bit, just got this quote and i would still have to install them

    "The cheapest option i can offer you is a 2-1 full system
    This option requires you to buy 2 new gaskets ( but gives a good note while adding performance.
    This is a chrome 2-1 with a polished alloy muffler. (sports)
    Price: $690 including postage.
    Or a 2-1 chrome with a polished alloy or anodised gold in ADR with a (Magnum Muffler)
    Price :$750 including postage.
    Otherwise the next option is 2 mufflers
    Prices start at $870 including postage."

    I wouldn't mind spending the money if I was keeping the bike

    in the mean time there is always the baffles.......or is there?

    thinking thinking

    I managed to snavel a pair of brand new carbon Fibre Magnum mufflers for $150 from my ex!!!!!!!!

    Now just need to get em fitted.... you will all hear me coming on the next ride!!!