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After-market exhaust for ER-6?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RacingTurtles, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Would anyone know of any local suppliers of after-market exhaust systems for this particular Kawasaki model? After watching a couple of clips of Kawasaki ER-6 on youtube, one equipped with Akrapovic, the other with a Giannelli, I decided a cool pipe would be just the thing to get... once I get the bike, that is :) It's not performance I'm after, really - just a nice sound.

    Anyway, I started searching for local sellers and that's when things started to look a bit grim. Oh sure, I found a number of hits - but all of them in Europe! It seems after-market options for ER-6 are a lot more limited in Australia... still, I thought there should be something.

    I know by now we've got a few ER-6 riders around here - did any of you install, or are you planning to install after-market pipe of any kind?
  2. got my arrows from europe for a z750. price of it delivered was cheaper than any local exhaust.
  3. Really? That's very interesting, I considered the idea of ordering overseas but I dismissed it thinking the postage would be astronomical... how much did you pay for the delivery, if I may ask?
  4. you could try megacycle engineering in melbourne i got a quote for my zxr 750 and it was only $425
  5. I looked at their website but it doesn't mention ER-6. This bike is very different from other Kawasakis, it has this short under-slung pipe that ends just behind rider's boot - kind of like Buells... Staintune doesn't make anything for ER-6 either, not at this point anyway.
  6. when I bought my devil pipes direct from the USA, they cost less than buying a micron from a shop in adelaide, and where delivered in 13 days.
  7. I think I found something interesting: this online shop ships to Australia (they seem to charge U$55 in all cases) and they have a whole selection of ER-6 systems: Arrow, Jardine, Leo Vince, Muzzy, Scorpion and Two Brothers... no Akrapovic or Giannelli, but I'm sure I could find something nice in their selection :)

    Too bad they don't include sound samples. I wish more online shops would do that!
  8. thats stil almost $600 dollors aust once you pay postage and dont forget the gst on arrival in australia
  9. Yeah well, if you can point me to a local source of ER-6 exhausts for less than $600, I will be seriously grateful!

    In fact, the original point of this thread was finding local suppliers, but there wasn't exactly a rush of suggestions, so I started looking at ordering overseas.
  10. try megacycle engineering in melbourne im sure he will be able to help he specialises in making them for everything and like i said an exhaust for my zxr 750 was only $425
  11. OK, I just had a reply from Megacycles (damn, that was quick!): they do make one, though it isn't listed on their website; 500 bucks, alloy oval/stainless steel pipe and internals.
    Now I just need some Netrider in Victoria to buy one, install it on their ER-6 then post a sound sample :)
  12. Try Starcycle http://starcycle.com/, they stock a large range of pipes at a reasonable price. Had dealings with them for my TBR pipes previously, highly recommended! :grin:
  13. Remus have a pipe avaliable for the ER6. I have seen a bike with one on it at Broadford and it had a good note to it with the baffle out. I do not know where he bought it or the cost of it though.
  14. um - I never paid ANY GST when my pipes arrived in Aus.
    as long as the value is less than $1000 there are no extra charges.
  15. if u buy new gst is payable unless they put gift on invoice i worked for a import export co and all new goods arriving in australia will pay gst you just hav to make sure tey take of their tax like if you buy from germany as i do thet have to remove their vat tax wich can be as hi as 19% wich means when u bid on ebay at the end of auction they have to remove their vat tax wich saves me heaps
  16. Aftermarket

    My ER was a shop demo bike and had a Micron fitted when I first saw it, sounded pretty good (pity they wouldn't throw it in with the bike :cry: ), the guys at the shop reckoned the Akrapovic was the best tho...