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After a good mechanic in Castle Hill that knows sports bikes

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Omarko, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. hi guys

    can someone pls recommend me a good mechanic I can see with my '08 CBR 600RR ? I have lots of mods on it and I service it myself for the minor stuff but we moved houses recently and I need a good mechanic in my area for the major service when it comes around.

    Also, I need help with suspension setup as I mucked around with the settings too much and I find it way too stiff for 80km daily commute in heavy traffic. Its not bad at all but I know there is room for improvement (did I hear someone say Ohlins? :) ).

  2. Try motorcycle accessories warehouse in castle hill industrial area
  3. I've heard good things about Castle Hill Motorbikes (CHM). I used to go to MAW they were alright.

    I now go to the BikeSmith in blacktown and I can't recommend them highly enough. They always have track bikes in there and high end harleys and dukes etc. The 2 owners are the mechanics with no apprentices f*cking everything they touch.. I'll be taking my cbr600rr tracky there soon.
  4. I second on BikeSmith, ive been recommending them since I first took my bike there. Great bunch of guys who knows their stuff..............I havent seen their Harleys, maybe the Harley guys next door got lost :), have have seen their sexy race bikes and oogle them whenever I go.
  5. thanks guys, I contacted CHM today and will them a go first.

    anyone else had experiences with these guys ? good ? bad ? I spoke with the owner , he sounded like he knew what he was talking about. I will ask who will work on my bike as I dont want some kid touching it.
  6. Yeh simon and John know their stuff! Last time they had a desmocedici RR in there *drool*
  7. another +1 for

    bikesmith blacktown

    give simon or john a call, either will be happy to hear from you

    carl is a good kid too. (y)
  8. Only because Madonalds is close by................yeah thats right, your busted buddy :p
  9. nah too many gay rainbows at that place :-s
  10. Gay rainbows??
  11. I was riding my cruiser when you saw me...........my rainbow bike was at home sleeping lol.
  12. Bahhaha the gay rainbow pops up again
  13. Lol............from the guy with pretty pink decals on his bike (ONE) or the guy who rides MrsMav's bike and now thinking of riding a scooter (Mav).................

    At least mine came rainbow from the factory :).............................I had no choice in the matter :p..............
  14. I haven't heard anything bad about Bikesmith but I had a bad experience at MAW.

    They had my previous bike for about 4 weeks(ish) and couldn't get her working. Picked up 3 times during that time and furthest I got from them was down the road before my bike would breakdown again. This was before they moved though so they may have a new mechanic.
  15. I didn't want to start a new thread again but just wondering how much roughly is a check up on a secondhand bike. It's still under warrantee but just wondering if I should bother checking it when it's going to be due in for a service in 200kms or so.
    I'm new to bike and being a chick I know nothing about bike engines or what not.
    I haven't got the bike yet but just working out the costs if it's worth getting b new and save the hassle.

    I live in the hills but the bike I'm checking out is near Fairfield.

    Silly question...just say I got the bike now do people usually check it out before handing over the cash (im not confident in riding out the roads yet and the owner said his license got suspended) or would I be able to get them to sign something and if anything goes wrong they are responsible? Or am I able to go directly to the dealer?

    Your advice is appreciated :)
  16. Hey honestly that's the risk you take with buying privately, you've got to ask them the right questions and do a decent test ride. If you can do either you've got to find someone willing to go out and ride the bike for you. Having said that, a bike with low km thats still under warranty you really can't go toooo wrong. Just ask to see the service book (should be stamped by the dealerships at the service intervals) and ask them the obvious stuff like has it been dropped, has it ever broken down/needed work and the most important one - why are you selling it. Whenever I go to look at a bike and see a nice shinny new bike in their shed that they've just ungraded to it puts my mind at ease. Buying and selling is very psychological you've got to dud them out and decide if you believe what they are telling you. Most people aren't shonks but im sure they are out there.

  17. Hey

    Thanks for the reply.

    The bike is pretty much only at 800km and due in first service at 200km. I know it's probally another silly girly question of mine...I assume I can do a service a bit earlier than suggested right? That way it may save me from an inspection but obviously not on the spot. But bike is brought recently and still got warranty I guess as u said it can't go tooooo wrong.
    Do you know if anyone in this forum could help out check the bike for a carton in exchange?
  18. The inspection service sounds like a good idea as long as it's not crazy expensive. I think it was you who had the "what bike should I get" thread the other day, so what bike did you decide on?