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Featured After a Dual Sport, no idea where to start

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by ebf00, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    Looking to buy a dual-sport for trail rides. I'm thinking a 250 but am open to other thoughts and ideas.

    Budget is about $3,000. Trouble is I'm finding plenty around that price but they're always the non-registerable ones. This bike has to be road registerable.

    So any recommendations on models to look out for would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Any XL250 or 350 will fit the bill. They are durable, and parts are readily available. The only thing to look out for is the lamps for 6 Volt models. Still a great bike, but you need to keep a stock of 6 Volt globes handy, as they can be a little hard to come by.
  3. My suggestion is to find a way to stretch the budget to around $4k and get a KLX250S. You can pick up a great example for around $3800.00, maybe even a bit less if you are good at negotiating. I had one and they are a brilliant bike.
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  4. I've been reading up on the KLX250S. Reading on some American sites the power was awful because of Californian emission restrictions. Did the same happen here?
  5. A 250 form anyone is no powerhouse, the power is about the same as a Honda CRF 250 (Pre fuel injected moders), but less than the Yamaha. However I have heard that there is a modification you can do to the carby that makes a big difference and fitting a better after market muffler also helps. I changed the exhaust on mine and also re jetted the carby. But I didn't find out about the carby mod until after I had sold the bike.
  6. Zook DR-Z is another option if you can find one in your price range, a solid, reliable machine. Honda XR's in the same vein. Good luck with your search. I did my L plate course on a Yamaha 250 I think it was an XT, great bike, felt very comfortable on it from the get go.
  7. EBF00, just wondering how you went with this ... did you end up buying something?
  8. TTR250. Only way to fly. I've got one and it's wicked. Fits within your budget, has 6 speeds, good suspenders and a pumper carb. I've owned 18 bikes over the last 20 years. Bigger isn't always better.
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  9. Hi Guys
    I owned a 1992 xr250 , 2005 klx250 , 2000 ttr600 belgarda , 1991 klr650 tengai , 1996 kx250 and currently a 2005 DRZ400e , I think the drz would be the most suitable and great power to weight ratio , paid under 4000 .
  10. It's going to come down to what sort of riding you're planning.
  11. Was about to post this exact same question.
    I'm 32, have been riding sports and cruisers for about 15 years on and off. but ZERO experience on a dual sport.
    i'm 6'3, and about 98kg. so a tall bike would suit me well.
    i really like the idea of having a bike i can take off the beaten path, nothing too intense.
    id like to commute to work on it which is about 35mins highway speeds.
    so keeping to a cheapish budget ruling out anything too new, im thinking i should skip the smaller 250/400's and go for something bigger like a KLR650? i know there is a lot of hate around on them. but seems like a stable bike at highway speed (even if its not that quick)
    basically, as long as i can zoom around at 110 without blowing around too much on the m1, and chuck some panniers on it for longer rides/camps in the bush, i'd be happy. (have heard that the DRZ400 with changed sprockets do ok on the highway....

    any tips at what to look for would be much appreciated :) thanks
  12. It sounds like you are after a V Strom