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After a decent mechanic

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by caferacer600, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Hi all, I bought an old kawasaki zephyr a while back, not running but cheap! I've cleaned the carbies and since have got it to start with the aid of aerostart but it runs rough and won't idle. With summer almost apon us, I'm after recommendations for a decent mechanic that can help get me on the road that's not going to take me for a ride?! I'm out in the Dandenong ranges, Vic. Thanks

  2. @streetmaster@streetmaster is in Frankston if that isn't too far away. A lot of Netriders use him
  3. You can add 60 degrees in Notting Hill (y)
  4. Mad Biker in Ferntree Gully is good
  5. I found A1 in Ringwood to be quite helpful. They got my bandit rego'd and on the road earlier this year for a pretty reasonable price IMO. They took a bit longer than I expected (a few weeks) but overall well worth it.
  6. I've been very happy with InTune in Ringwood.
  7. Ditto in tune
  8. Hi Guys!

    Bit of a bike noob here, i have picked up a fender eliminator for my GSXR1000, but after receiving no instructions, and the online sources not being overly helpful, i am now at a bit of a loss.

    can anyone help with a place to take the bike to get it wired up ? or of course if anyone here does back yard work in Melbourne, preferably inner eastern !

  9. come for a ride over west and i will it it up for you..


    M.R.T Motorcycle Recovery & Transport - 0417522192
  10. I can help, in Kilsyth or Bayswater.
  11. Mad Biker in Ferntree Gully are top Blokes and always look after me,never had a problem (y).
    Or @streetmaster@streetmaster in Frankston is a great guy also just a bit far from me.
  12. Ptr in wantirna. no one knows suzukis better. Just got my bike back from him today and it feels like it's a brand new bike. Can't believe how it was before. Highly recommend