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VIC After a big V twin (non cruiser)

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by kRaZeD, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Hey all,

    Chasing a vtwin around the Litre capacity. Recently wrote off my SV1000S after having someone change lanes quite abruptly.

    Got up to $7500 to spend, maybe more for the right bike. Super sport/naked. EFI is a must. Prefer with a decent amount of rego.
  2. Another sv1000s perhaps? How much did you like it? Not a lot else around in that price range in your criteria. A late 2000s aprilia tuono could possibly be had or a Ducati 999/749 at a stretch
  3. I loved the engine note. Power was great for usability - not over the top power either. Only problem I had with the sv1ks was the seat kinda pushed my nads in a bad way and was uncomfortable after 20ish mins. I'll check out the tuonos.
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  4. Aprilia Tuono ... my mate cried the day he sold his....
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  5. I've been eyeing that bike off for a little while, but I've been told their fuel range is shocking. And I tend to commute daily.
  6. I have my KTM 990 SMT for sale (in Victoria), have a look for it on bikesales.
    It's a 2013 ABS model with only 5350 km done.
    Fuel range seems to be around 270 km mixed riding.