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After 6 long months, back in the saddle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. YES!!!!!!!
    OKAAY! Six month stage now and t has been a rollercoaster ride with this ****in leg. The achilles itself has healed very nicely and it's been full on rehab to get the leg strength back into some sort of semblance of normality.
    Unfortunately the muscle had wasted so much it added excessive strain on my knee and hip and as a result my knee had been giving me no end of trouble.
    After physio and strapping the knee has finally started to respond and my leg is slowly gaining strength. So much so I have been cycling a bit
    As for the motorbike it has sat forlornly in the garage attached to a trickle charger, covered in dust and thinking "When are you gonna ride me ya ****?""
    Well today was the day.
    Hit the starter it roared into life and I suited up and carefully rolled off the centre stand out the garage and up the driveway and then stalled the ****er.
    Hit the starter again and I was away, took it to the local servo where I did a check of the tyre pressures (this gauge is a good one) Then off I went riding the monash and the sudden realisation dawned on me that I felt alive and fresh and in control, not being dictated to by the whims of the cage drivers all around me, if one pissed me off I would easily find a way around and left them for dust.
    I eventually found my way down the Mornington peninsula and up to Arthur's Seat. (I surprised myself with how easily I got back into the swing of things, doubling the advisory limits and not encountering one car all the way up.)
    Took the road to Red Hills, dropped in on the Greek Orthodox monastery up the top to pay my respects then took the back roads home killing a few kittens along the way.
    Finally rolled into the driveway tired, hot and buffeted by a howling crosswind happy in the knowledge that I haven't really lost much in 6 months of no riding but I really need to get the strength in that leg as I found that I had real trouble "walking" the bike while sitting on it in a car park etc.
    Especially going backwards.
    Overall, a great day.

  2. Re: After 6 long months back in the saddle

    Oh man, I so need to get back out that way. Last time I ddi Arthurs Seat (icicle ride not included) was when I still had the SP1. That's a good 5 years or so ago :(
  3. Re: After 6 long months back in the saddle

    Great news. Congratulations on regaining your freedom. Keep us updated with your progress at learning to walk backwards. :D
  4. Re: After 6 long months back in the saddle

    keep endangering those kittens, smee, good to hear you back on one and a half legs and two wheels :).
  5. Good news that you are riding again, 6 months off! kinda puts into perspective my grumbling at the constant rain when i want to ride these last few weekends.
    Hope it all keeps going well and that leg strength returns quickly
  6. Good work, smee - every time you kill a kitten, God gets to ride fast :wink:
  7. Does this now mean you wont be such a shtistirrer any longer? No more hours in front of the pc?

    Kudos for riding in such a crappy wind on Saturday. I almost got blown off, returning from the G to Mount Martha along the Eastlink.

  8. Well done mate! Good to hear you're back on the bike.
  9. Good to read you're up and strong enough to go for a blatt - have fun building up that bike fitness again.
  10. well done smee, just be thankful it wasnt your 3rd leg injured :)
  11. Glad to hear you are back in the saddle again.

    Must admit I was getting worried that all that time out of it was making you reflective and messing with your mind. A couple of times recently you were even nice to someone who hadn't used the search function.