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After 25 years of wanting, I finally got my Learners

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Alitakis123, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys and Gals,

    25 years ago I wanted to get a bike license. My wife at the time wouldn't let me and kept talking me out of it.
    Yep, we divorced 10 years ago (not for that reason) and it took me that long to get my head right after the messy divorce.

    Guess what? I'm married again! Yes to another woman, but, who likes motorbikes!

    I told her that I've always wanted a motorbike and she just looked at me and asked, 'Why don't you get one?"
    I couldn't believe what I heard. There is no life insurance policy or anything like that involved either.
    This mid 40's man felt 20 again.

    That night I didn't sleep, I was on my PC looking at learner motorbike training courses in Melbourne. I booked in at the earliest date available at Ridetech at Sandown (4 blocks from where I live) and I'm over the moon to say that, yep, I got my learners permit!

    This site is awesome. The information shared by experienced and new riders is very informative and an interesting read. I have been spending a fair bit of time on here in the last few weeks and my wife doesn't mind! I can't lose right now!

    I'm still deciding as to what bike to get, but it will be a 2nd hand 250 for a while. I like the vtr250 but also like the virago as that was the bike I wanted back in 1993.

    I guess that price will be the deciding factor. I already have 3 pairs of kevlar jeans with armour and 2 jackets and gloves (thanks to gumtree). I still need to get a mid-priced helmet but not sure of brand yet. (will need to go into the shop and try them on).

    You cannot imagine the excitement I'm in while typing this post.

    A 25 year dream, coming true! I'm stoked!

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  2. Good onya Alitakis123Alitakis123 (y) welcome to Netrider. Sounds like you have hit the jackpot with the new misses and won the lottery of experiencing the joy and freedom of the two wheel club. ;)
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  3. Yes, sounds like you have traded up with that new wife. :)

    Can I suggest that you buy the Virago, for no other reason than that is the bike that sparked your interest. I did something similar and got my licence last year driven by a desire to own an airhead BMW which was kindled in 1972.

    You are doing well with the Gumtree bargains and soaking up the great advice here on netrider. Welcome.
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  4. Good read that, stoked for you too.

    I laughed out loud when I read the gear you've already got. This motorcycle stuff is a disease....it'll get itself into your very core of you're careful. :)
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  5. Awsome! Congratulations! !! Its nice when your with someone that encourages new adventures in life....like riding!
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  6. Well done Manny you have made a brilliant decision to marry a lady who likes motorbikes! (y)
    I did a one day course at Ridetek Sandown too...it was excellent!
    Enjoy and savour purchasing your bike :)
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  7. If you hadn't already I'd be saying "buy that lady a ring". Seeing as is making you this happy, buy her something anyway! - a sidecar perhaps, or just something she likes.
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  9. Congratulations on getting you L's and welcome. Just on your bike choices you suggested, I have ridden both, and while I should preface by saying I'm not a cruiser guy, but the vtr is a better all round bike IMO. The 250 Virago I rode struggled to get to 100 with my lanky 80kgs onboard, so it was rather frustrating on the open road and really struggled to overtake those cars doing 90 without having and empty road in front of you all the way to the horizon. The VTR was good for about 140.
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  10. Good stuff mate, congrats and enjoy.
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  11. You know that makes total sense to most of us here right? If the wife doesn't like bikes, then clearly you need to change wives. A bike will remain faithful for as long as you want it to.

    I think someone on here as a tag line to the effect of: "My bike has never complained about my wife, so I guess she can stay for now" ... ;-)
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  12. hey guys, how do I reply to posts?

    When I click on reply, it doesn't give me a text box to type anywhere?
  13. Howdy & Welcome to NR! Good luck in your search for your ride!
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  14. She said it was her or the motorbike!!

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  15. Yes Andrew, I might buy a tatts ticket this week too, it's been about that many years since I played.
  16. Yeah the new wife is definately an upgrade in all departments :)

    Not sure about the Virago's power/top end speed. I might go for the VTR250 then upgrade to the Kawazaki Vulcan lams, when I can afford it. I do have a soft spot for the cruisers.
  17. Yes mate, you should see me walking around the house with my gear on. Might take the old push-bike out all dressed up to practice my balance till I get a bike.
  18. That is my dilemma Darren. The top speed of the virago. I might go with the VTR or CB 250 first up then upgrade when I get more confident or bored of a 250.
  19. I bought a set of leathers a few weeks back.

    I was told emphatically to take them off.....while sitting there watching TV.......with my boots on too.........and maybe helmet. Was trying to convince my 5 year old son I was a super hero called Bikerman.

    Yeah didn't work. Little shit.... :)

    EDIT: Get a Ninja 300. Why? Cause I have one and therefore it was obviously the best choice. Ever. :p It's also good for up to 184kmhr......."apparently" :whistle:
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  20. welcome aboard :)
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