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After 22000km I've had it with the virago - what else?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by I Adore Vic, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Hey all.

    I've done 22000km on this thing and I'm realising that I've well and truly had enough of it. It's been a great bike..I think I've got everything I'm gonna get out of it, but I don't think it's right for me anymore. I want something less cruisey and more sports/toury. Any suggestions on other 250's I could go for?

    I quite like the look of the VTR250. :)

  2. any reason you're only after a 250?
    are you still on restrictions?

    VTR250 is a rocking bike, nice tone, looks hot & has pretty good acceleration.
  3. Don't limit yourself to 250's (unless you've got ages before restrictions are up :( )

    I liked my VTR250. I could torque it off the line, it handled well (until I threw it away and bent it :oops:), and it was comfortable.

    Being 6ft, I had issues with the fairings on the CBRRRRR250RRR bashing into my knees, however I could stand over it with heaps of clearance (might be good for a shorter rider).

    If you aren't really interested in fairings, but want something a bit more sport orientated, look at the VTR, Balius, Bandit etc etc..

    If you want an overpriced sewing machine, look at the ZX2R, CBR(RR), FZR etc etc.
  4. I haven't even gone for my P's yet edgelett. Been on my L's since last October but have racked up quite a few k in that time.

    I agree about the VTR250 - love the look of it, love the sound of it but I'm yet to sit on one let alone ride on one.
  5. 250 Hornet, Rosie, could do the big trip you just did, plus eat Viragos for breakfast most everywhere else. I think there's one for sale right here on Netrider at the moment...
  6. Ta Paul, I've heard great things about the Hornet - and it looks great and all but it's not my cup of tea ..... it's all about the sound Paul ;) V-twins baby!
  7. Rosie make sure you go for your P's
    Been a long time
    Then you can buy the 12 :grin:
  8. Thanks anothermacca. Didn't see your post there! I've got a while till I'm off restrictions. Not really into the CBRRRR's...or ZZR's or fairings. Will check out the Balius and Bandit. Ta again

  9. Nah..don't like the look of it nightgash. :) It's almost dirt bikeyish....looks at pic again...okay - well not dirt bikeyish..but you get the drift yeah? :grin:
  10. Get out there and get your P's you slacker! :p :wink: :LOL:
  11. haha. Can you ocky strap a tent on the back? Will my body kill after a long day's riding? Does it come with a V Twin? ;) :p

    Triway - I am! I am! Just not telling you bunch when!!! haha!
  12. How about a Suzuki bandit?

  13. Rosie, go for your Ps. You know the Virago (do you do Ps on your own bike?) You'll get them easy. Then its less time 'till you can get anything. Soon you'll be so sick of any 2fiddy.
  14. The bandit's nice nightgash...but why buy a bandit when you can buy a VTR250? Tell me. :grin:

    speed - You'll know when I've got them when I tell you I've got them. :grin:

    I'm not so much after speed although a little extra power would be nice. This is more ot do with riding position/style of bike/me. :)

  15. Rosie, do you guys in Victoria get the same deal we get in NSW, in that if a person is of mature age and holds a gold licence, they can go directly from Ls to unrestricted? (well, unrestricted in regards to the capacity of their bike, anyway)

    Because if you do, I think it would make all kinds of sense for you to skip another 250 and move up to something like a V-Strom...
  16. Nope - but seriously, I wouldn't like to imagine me on anything over a 250. This size suits me fine. :) For now. :)
  17. Firstly, get off your ar$e and get your licence! Seriously, you really can do it. And if, by chance, you fail it's no biggy to resit. You don't have to do the whole day again.

    As for a bike - Depends on the riding you want to do, Rosie. As far as seating position is concerned a VTR could be a good in between position for you. You've been leaning back as much as a 250 can, a VTR is fairly upright (slightly forward) and anything more sporty has you leaning forwards quite a bit more. You might have trouble adjusting to anything like a CBR. However, why not go and sit on some, then try any potentials? Comfort is a big issue. If it feels wrong, you won't be able to fully connect with the bike, making you more likely to come undone.

    I'm sure you could have some fun on a VTR :)
  18. Yeah Rosie, go and sit on heeeaapppps of bikes, one of them will feel perfect for you.

    And I am not mentioning P's, we have already discussed it :wink:
  19. ok rosie, sorry didn't know you still had a restricted licence.
    sounds like you want a V-twin, in which case i'd say go with the VTR250. i had one as a loan bike once & after that I nearly went out & bought one.

    i'm 5' 7" and was comfy as heck.

    HOWEVER don't discount the Hornet 250. an aftermarket pipe can make it sound unreal, it's a bigger frame, and HOWLS when you get in the high revs

    take them both for a test drive & see which one you love!