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after 21.5 hours, 1562kms.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. 8 cans of redbull, 2 cans of V and 2 espresso dares....
    i am the new owner of this 2004 CBR1000RR :woot:

    and here is a picture of me, the somewhat weary driver :LOL:

    the drive was pleasant, with very little in the way of delays.
    TBH, i had forgotten how beautiful the gippy area was :!:
    Big thanks to Cliff (cejay) for providing me with an honest, awesome bike, and an easy sale.
    Big thanks also to SteveGuzzi who helped with the financial side of things - it was headache free and he did all the hard work for me!! (watch above for his paid advertisement ;) )
    Also, thanks go to NetRider for providing an avenue to get in contact with genuine people :grin:

    One thing that surprised me is all the "have a powernap now" type signs you guys have down there, there is some course for litigation there, it doesnt say to cease driving :LOL: sleeping whilst driving is dangerous ;)

    there you go,
    joel still rides CBR!!
  2. I just got back from a drive to Melbourne and had a laugh too. Did you see the:

    "Sleep Now" signs? and "Don't Sleep and Drive"

    It's almost chinglish!
  3. Well done.
    Gippy is a nice spot and the further east the better.
  4. yeah, its quite funny.
    i found them to distract my attention from the road :shock:

    "Sore Eyes? Powernap now" ok, should i pull up first? :LOL:
    "A microsleep can kill in milliseconds" it took me some milliseconds to read that :?
    "powernap area ahead" oh, so i dont do it on the road :rofl:

    i agree with the messages they are putting out there, but the amount of signage that is there is above and beyond adequate. also promotes complacency in drivers, how many locals still see all those signs?
  5. Grats on teh new wheels Joel.
    Watching CJ whip that bike arounds sugests that you will have an absolute ball on it.
  6. what sign are you talking about???? :LOL:
  7. Nice looking bike, pity you're still an ugly bastard! :p :p :p

    Jealous me? yes :oops:
  8. Thats an awesome ride man, you should go and seek sponsorship from red bull after that one. Glad to hear you made it safe though. Nice looking bike too!
  9. Did it come with the Spiderman doll penis-warmer, or did you take your own down for the ride back??? :eek:
  10. Is that just the woolly one, or is it the electrically heated one?
  11. I thought that was a normal day for you Joel :p

    Congrats and enjoy, always good to read about distance bike pick ups
  12. Another 60k and some paperwork and you could have achieved Iron Butt certification. :LOL:
  13. Butt they would have probably not certified it after the red bull etc comments, seriously. A journalist in the US did a IBA ride and even got his cert for the entry level SS1000 (1000mi - which is 1600 for us) but then he wrote an article for his bike mag telling how he was poppin red bulls all the way. They took the cert back off him, its not safe and they push safe long distance riding. Basically if you really need that crap you should be off the bike sleeping.


    Well done Joel, top ride on a sports bike, respect mate :cool:
  14. I'm too jealous to comment :LOL:
  15. nice lookin bike joel - belated birthday pressie to yourself hey?
  16. Hey Davo- didn't Boris' article in AMCN mention the consumption of V at regular intervals? Is it different if your a journo?
  17. Boris rode on one of my FarRides to Nambucca Heads in Feb. He did not do a Iron Butt ride and he never said he did. It was just a 1000k day, no biggie. He is his own man, he decided to do the red bull thing and I never do.

    My comment was about someone doing a documented Iron Butt ride and it did happen. I stand by my comments, however I also emphasis that Joel did a good ride. Doing that distance on a sports bike is no mean feat, sure its been done many times but its still no walk in the park.

    Joel did good regardless of what he did or didn't drink.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.