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Africa Twin 2016 - Lost Keys

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MarineMan, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Lost Keys
    I lost my keys 2 weeks ago looked everywhere but 2 no avail.
    Rang around to different shops re recoding cutting new keys etc - no luck too new and Hondas security system is unique
    So off to the bike shop for a quote - new CPU, key barrells keys etc Price: $2700.00.
    Rnag Honda and lodged a complaint. If I can prove I am the original and current owner ( bike is 6 months old) why cant they give me the records of the key and cut a new one and recode it to my CPU . No response so far .
    Any suggestions ????

  2. Maybe asking the obvious but have you:

    1. checked the local Police station ( and or Honda Dealer) in vicinity of where you lost the keys in case someone handed them in?
    2. Gone back in person to the dealer where you bought the bike ( with proof of purchase etc) to see if the have recorded the key code?
    3. checked your insurance policy to see if it covers lost keys?
  3. You usually get two keys with a new Honda bike. Have you lost both sets?
  4. did all that I had the spare set in a drawer and I think the 4 yr old got to them. I will ask at the police station but I remember taking the keys out of the ignition in the garage for security reasons and from thee they are missing.
  5. Thanks for your suggestions
  6. Next step is to interrogate the kid, waterboarding if necessary.
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  7. Is there no tag that came along with the bike or booklet pack you got? Both my bikes came with key details
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  8. Done something similar, but not with keys. Sounds like they are behind or in something in the garage - in a safe place where no one would look!!!
  9. Ouch!! That's a lot of $$$

    Some good suggestions here ...
    I would keep trying other sales people and Honda shops if you can't find the original sales person.

    Also approach the Transport dept to see if the may have records of engine (keys?) possibly? At least it will show the record of your ownership!

    Good luck! I hope you find your keys!!
  10. Thanks for your responses, I have booked the bike in for a new CPU Keys etc. Swann Insurance Have a good deal on their policy 2K towards new key - no record of claim and no loss of no claim bonus I think I will go that way
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  11. That's great news for you!

    I've been trying to work out how to bypass the HISS system, apparently it's quite a complicated system but there's a simple way to get around it, I very much like having that security on my bike but it's a ball ache having to pay $300 for a new key (and that's only if you have the spare one to copy, it goes up drastically as you know if you lose both!)
  12. Motorcycle keys?

    What is this primitive technology you speak of?
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  13. Keep the parts that come out of the bike. As soon as you get the new ignition installed you will find the original keys.
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  14. Make sure you have at least three keys and keep one in a secure place. The system can support 4 at any one time.Introducing a new key to the system is easy enough provided you have one of the keys that it originally knew. Blank keys can be obtained on Ebay and introducing requires getting access to the Crank Position indicator input to the ECU. Lots of Youtube vids on this.

    Note I believe post 2010 ?? Honda updated the system to increase the rolling key encryption system to a longer more secure version. You may not be able to get after market keys for that version yet so this doesn't help the OP unfortunately.
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