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Afraid of Heights?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jd, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Then you probably wouldn't want to be working here


  2. Wow thats crazy!

    I wonder what the building code is like in Dubai for fire protection and stuff, cause I couldn't be bothered running down all those stairs :LOL: .

    I didn't see anything about a mass damper on the website, surely it'd have to have one installed. Cheifly tower in sydney has one and its waaaay smaller.

    Nice find :grin:
  3. Man i'd love to drive one of those cranes!!! :grin:
  4. Yes, you can't work on that tower if you are afraid of heights/Saruman.
  5. screw working on it - I'd shit myself being inside it
  6. well we know which architect has got a small one.
  7. +1 :shock:
  8. :rofl:

    As funny as that was though, this guys erected greater achievements than many others. :eek:
  9. construction over there is truely obscene.

  10. wouldnt it be much easier and safer to build it "thick and broad" rather then "thin and tall" ?

    Unless they are going for the record for the tallest building...whats the point of building it that high?
  11. We have those already, they're called housing estates.

    They're not usually the sort of place you'd be willing to fork out several million for a room in though. Just look at the council estates in the UK ;).
  12. hehe i dont mean that low. like up to the third tier or so, but more boxy to be thicker.
  13. But what do you fill the middle in with?
    You either need to have rooms without windows - which people won't pay much for.
    Or you have to make the rooms larger - which makes it harder to find buyers (lot easier to sell three 1 million dollar apartments than one 3 million dollar one).

    A tall, skinny building does make sense, just a shame they stopped short of cracking the 1,000m mark.
  14. I'd really rather not.
  15. A guy at my last work was so afraid of heights, he would get dizzy even if he was on the ground and saw you uo high near a edge, i'd love to somehow get him in the crane just caUSE I'M EVIL :twisted:
  16. I love the big dunny plunger off to the right of the second photo.
  17. my knees went weak just looking at the photos, hate being scared of heights
  18. But do they call him 'Achmed the Architect'?

    You f%#k ONE goat :evil:
  19. My knees start to shake and tum goes queasy just looking at the pics! :shock: :cry:
  20. 2 words: