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AFL Grand Final

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by slyfox, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. so who's riding* to the grand final tomorrow?

    *please note my clever addition of a point relevant to motorcycling, therefore keeping this post out of the never seen by anyone off-topic section. :p

    yep, it's going to be a nice ride, free parking and all. the game should be pretty good too.
  2. Not me, go the swannies!
  3. Who is playing?......
  4. hmmm, this could be the start of a whole new forum game "dodge the mods"!!!!

    I think the *kawasaki* Sydney Swans will *triumph* over the West Coast *goodyear* Eagles...... :LOL:
  5. +1 Addendum: Who cares? ;)
  6. +1 but will probably get sucked in and catch it on telly :)
  7. Wont be goin to the game but i will be goin for an early morning ride before getting absolutely trollied.
  8. will be riding* to work.

    *riding = boring freeway commute.
  9. Ride to melbourne sunday and watch real football.
  10. I mean stay in sydney. Why is it in sydney when neither team is from there?

    The mods have seen through your transparent guise :)
  11. +1 on the mod thing lol.

    and isnt the grand final sydney swans and the weagles??
  12. LOL West Coast & Sydney in Melb @ the G for AFL

    The other game is tomorrow in Syd & thats Melb Storm & crap who the other team that playin .. ahhhh doesnt matter anyway, Storm gonna win that one.
  13. So much for staying out of "off topic" :roll: :roll: :roll:
  14. Go the Swans!
  15. swans all the way.
    im gonna watch it and try to follow the rules :LOL:
  16. Oh thank god that game is over & not a draw.
    Couldnt have handle it next week if it was.
    Mr Charmed parked on the couch yellin @ the tv etc.

    Round two tomorrow for the league game. :roll:
  17. great game, i felt sorry for all the people who had flown down from interstate and were trying to buy a ticket. :?

    a great day out.
  18. i just couldnt keep up with what was going on, it looked so scrappy. also, all the crowd were wearing earphones, is this to hear commentary? i guess that would help to keep up with whats going on.
  19. yeah grand finals are always scrappy because the players are desperate.

    i had my radio with me, the commentary adds to the experience and you get some insights into the game that you wouldn't always pick up.
  20. Thank god that sydney didnt win :grin: Now for the storm to tame those broncos :grin: