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Affordable Spprtbikes 2008 Range

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Farab, May 3, 2010.

  1. CBR

    6 vote(s)
  2. ZX10

    3 vote(s)
  3. R1

    7 vote(s)
  4. GSXR

    5 vote(s)
  1. Affordable 1L Sportbikes 2008 Range

    I my no-rush quest to look for something exciting for the weekends, I have turned my sights on the 4 Jap sport bike manufacturers. I am looking at 2008-ish models as I reckon it's better value for money letting the first owner take the new bike depreciation hit and odds are good of getting a bike already kitted out with aftermarket exhausts, PC's, etc. at basically no extra cost.

    I got an opportunity to ride someone's ZX10 a while back and actually need to refresh my memory it was so long ago. I can remember that the handling felt quite odd or quirky, even a riding mate used to CBR's said the same thing about it.

    What I have gathered by doing some research, talking and reading, is that the ZX10 is quite the animal. Very raw and more track focussed. Mental power. The CBR is the most user friendly and easiest to ride. R1 usually the one with all the tricks, and the GSXR is "a lot of bike for the money you pay", so very good bang for buck.

    Any recommendations, personal experiences or views?
  2. cough, theyre all roughly the same. licence loseing top end power and more plastic than a tupperware party

  3. The ZX10's where going out cheap for a while.

    See what fits or looks pretty.

    All the AMCN reviews put them within seconds of each other on a track.

    Some have bells and whistles like adjustable engine maps for rain and track so maybe if that's something you want check out the R1 or GSXR. Personally... no idea what I'd pick.
  4. Buy the first one you get a great price on, a bit of knowhow will get any of them handling beautifully and they all have ballistic engine power and great brakes.
  5. I have been getting:"they are so alike, buy the one you like best"
  6. which is what you will get ... till you find someone who owns all 4 and is unbiased.
  7. "Loz said...
    Buy the first one you get a great price on, a bit of knowhow will get any of them handling beautifully and they all have ballistic engine power and great brakes."

    What he said ...../\

    BTW unless your names' Bayliss, Corser, Johnson, Allerton, Maxwell...etc etc.. your never going to find the limits of handling, braking etc of any of them..
  8. Re: Affordable 1L Sportbikes 2008 Range

    I've ridden a mates 09 ZX-10 and to be honest it was pretty underwhelming... stonking motor and massive horsepower that brings a huge smile to your dial but the handling was :eek:hno:

    Soft forks and what feels like a rigid rear suspension give me a huge appreciation for how big his clangers are when punting it hard, I find the thing utterly evil handling and with a riding position staight out of the torture rack of motorcycling...

    I'm sure you could probably sort out the suspension with some work but I would have to say out of the box it's one of the least confidence inspiring bikes I have ridden...
  9. Loved the feel of the 09+ ZX10
    Loved the GSXR's, though those pipes are hit and miss, and some say the power is too peaky (its still damn powerful down low)
    08+ Blades feel like almost like a 600 in handling and aggressive posture
    I havent ridden an R1, so cant comment on them.

    Ride them all. They are all more bike than any of us can use; its going to come down to comfort and styling. They are all hideously powerful, handle brilliantly (assuming the suspension settings are near where they should be) and reliable.
  10. Get the one that gives you the biggest hard on.

  11. That's pretty much what it comes down to, huh?
  12. There does seem to be a general consensus that the ZX10's handling is for the more experienced, this is something that I have heard a lot and experienced to an extent.

    Not surpisingly the CBR leads the poll, then followed closely by the GSXR.

    I have heard pretty good things about the GSXR for being a user friendly first 1L sports bike. In most of the reviews I have read and watched it has been slammed for being overweight, both the K7/8 & K9 models. I suppose its the twin OEM exhausts. I suppose it makes no real difference for road use for us mere mortals (especially me), but MCN shaved off 7kg's of their long term K9 tester by replacing the exhaust system with a 4 into 1.

    Thanks for all the advice guys, will see if I can get a leg over the 4 bikes in question.
  13. Have an 2008 R1, as pictured. Awesome bike, great feel, beaut power delivery and 'claimed' as the most comfortable of the 4 bikes you mentioned for 'longer' rides, though this is open to opinion also.
    Good luck with your search. After riding all 4, the bike which suits YOU will emerge and you will forever be struggling to remove the smile off your dial.
    Cheers, and good luck.
  14. Thanks for that. Who commutes on their sports? I commute about 50km per day, most through heavy traffic.
  15. if i can commute ~100km on a buell cr (6"2) ya can commute on any of them
  16. Re: Affordable 1L Sportbikes 2008 Range


    Dont forget that the suspention on these things is fully ajustable. My R1 has more things to play with on the suspention than a playstation controler.

    There all quiet simmilar with there own personalitys. Find the one that suits you the best.
  17. Bit older than specified, but the K5/K6 gixxer is great bang for buck. Many suggest the engine is better than all the later models that superseeded it. I believe the ergos on the earlier model were a little more relaxed, making 1000km days rather do-able. Have not riden the other three, so cannot make a fair comparison.

    I commute about 70kms a day on it. Not many (any?) bikes I would swap it for.
  18. Wasn't there a problem with the K5/K6 frame? I have also heard and read reviews that it was the pick out of the GSXR's, engine and weight wise.
  19. I would be wary of the CBR because of the reputation of being an oil burner.
  20. Got myself the 750 of the Gixxer range (after testing the R1 and GSXR), basically for road riding its perfect... not as much weight and not that far off in performance.

    Think it was mainly the 08 model!?