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Affordable riding gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by VladTepes, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. I'm looking to get back into it after years away and the amount of gear out there is bewildering and expensive !

    Obviously every dollar I spend on gear is one I can't spend on the bike and vice versa.

    i want good gear but it doesn't have to be Versace if you get my drift.

    Where do I start?

    I do have a jacket its an old leather one with a belt etc, priobably not ideal but it always did the job on my old bike - assuming it still fits I havent worn it for 15 years.....

    Obviously I'll need a helmet and I like the look / sound / idea of those flip face ones. I'll start another thread on that I think.

    Other gear I'll need:

    Boots. Ideally ones that can be walked around in off the bike as well as used for riding. i do have some heel spurs which tends to make boots with hard heels quite painful if woren (walked in) for any length of time though.

    Gloves. What ones to get?

    Pants - i was thinking Draggin Jeans look like a good option for everyday use?

    Jacket - If I need a new jacket what can I get for a reasonable price?

    Anything else?

    I'd be riding the bike as a daily commuter, and have to wear business attire normally so that would mean changing after I get to work.

    I'm not after the boy racer look. Plain black suits me don't need fancy race replica stuff.

    I have seen a nice two piece jacket and pants that zip together from BMW but they were clos on $2000 so BMW can GGF.

    Interested to hear peoples opinions and what you wear personally.

  2. I would start by slinging the old jacket. Protective gear has moved on in the last 15 years, and these days, CE armour is a must. Even if your old jacket has it, armour has a shelf life and should be replaced every 5 years or so.

    Top quality gear is made in controlled conditions with attention to detail, instead of mass production in a 3rd world factory. Hence the price difference.
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  3. good appropriate gear is important, a good bike is secondary.

    Leather one or two piece with all the Armour is important for spirited riding. For warm weather and less spirited riding or slow traffic, a mesh jacket and kevlar with all the padding.

    Gloves, well from experience, get leather gloves and preferably a gauntlet with plastic/metal/stingray palm sliders.........when you crash its most likely your palm that gets the bulk of the initial impact, get something that slides and not catch into the road.

    Another important thing is the boots, again like the glove dont skimp on the boots. Most times your foot and ankle gets pinned under the bike. So a proper Motorcycle boots is a must.

    Helmet, well I havent tested them and all my crashes hasnt even left a scrath on the helmet........however, your noggin is important so get a AS helmet. The most important thing for helmets is that they are comfortable.

    You could spend $700 and get good gears.........just shop around. Look for its safety qualities and not expensive gimmicks.
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  4. Thanks good advice I'm sure.

    Definitely want the safety but also comfort/practicality.

    Don't need or want the top shelf gear if its exceeds what I'll do. For example if helemt x is stable at 300kph but helmet y is stable to 200kph well I hardly need the helmet x do I ! (You see my logic).

    Obviously I have to get the gear before the bike so I can test ride some bikes etc.
    Where do I start? Are there motorcycle accesory places? Or just go to a motorcycle dealer and see what they stock?

    Are vendors likely to be good at getting me the right gear (helpiong me select the right gear) or will they just be after a sale of expensive stuff?

    I'll have to figure out how to update my location in my profile but I'm in Brisbane.
    Beautiful one day, miserable stormy windy and rainy the next.

    So know any specific stores in Brisbane where I could start looking?

    I suppose its pretty easy to try on jackets boots etc and figure out whether they fit or not buy I think the most criucial thing in this department is HELMET fit, if that ain;t right heads might roll.
    Any tips on that ?
  5. By all means ask salespersons their opinions but don't blindly follow whatever they say, have a discerning look at any article you're buying. Good leather should be soft and supple, stitching on seams should be strong and evenly spaced, don't be afraid to get your head inside and have a good look around.

    Regarding helmets, you're looking for a happy medium between tight and comfortable. Put your head in, give it a shake, pull up, down and sideways, you're head should move with the helmet. Remember that the inside padding will mould around you a bit after a few rides, maybe takamii can advise you better.. Good luck!
  6. I noticed bikebiz has a package with shark helmet, dririder jacket and gloves and either kevlar jeans or boots for $500. Not the bees knees but it looks decent for getting around town.

    If you want gear with maximum protection for a more serious stack, be prepared to drop at least $1500.

    I'd say the minimum for good gear, purchased at a good price (e.g. from the US) is:

    Helmet: $500
    Leather Jacket: $400 (on sale, $500+ at rrp)
    Leather Pants: $350; or
    Kevlar Jeans: $150
    Gloves: $120
    Boots: $250

    Total: $1420-1620
  7. but many large "name brand" manufacturers have the factories in third world countries or sub contract to those countries

    I guess though they have their own quality controls in place
  8. VLAD

    you can go into Tyres 4 bikes at 14 Gore St Albion in Brisbane if you want to try on my carbon fibre helmets but they are full face not flip front.

    If you have neck or shoulder issues I would not recommend a flip face due to weight

    if its the ventilation of the helmet that concerns you because of Brisbane weather then be assured many new helmets have great ventilation properties

    OZMOtorcyle leathers are the experts on suits etc so I would recommend you follow their guidelines there
  9. I use these boots ( security guard boots )

    They have held up well in a low and high side so far but not water proof

    I also ride all my bikes like a dirt bike/motard and often on the R1 I stick a foot out around corners rather than a knee down ( yeah I know it sounds stupid but it works for me )


  10. And IMO the quality of those companies has gone downhill. If I'm going to tackle turn one at EC or PI, I want a suit that I can rely on.

    If a company moves it's production from Italy to say, Tunisia, it shows that profit is more important to the bosses than quality. It's not the be all and end all, some are still pretty good but sometimes we see some shocking workmanship from major brands.
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    helmets need to meet australian standards so you need to buy locally. the more you spend the more comfortable and hopefully quieter they are.
    plenty of good helmets in the $300-$500 range. salesmen are usually OK at checking helmet size.
    my usual strategy is to look at somewhere like bikebiz mentioned above and see if local shops can match it. for your first set of gear you really need to try it on.
    if you do your homework you should be OK. nothing wrong with cruising a shop, noting their prices and checking on line. try dririder for a jacket, moderate price
    and reasonable quality.
    I wear draggins around town but have leathers and textiles for more sporting riding. (one collects gear over the years). boots and gloves are important.
    they protect the bits you stick out when you stack.
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  12. www.ridersdiscount.com

    Apart from the helmet which you'll have to buy locally, I am 100% confident you can find everything you're looking for on there at whatever price range you want. Much cheaper then buying those brands locally. Make sure you try them on locally before you buy though.
  13. I'm sure you're right and while I have bought my fair share of stuff from O/S considier the local shop here. You go into their shop to try on all their gear to get sizing to then go an order online because you believe its too expensive. Consider however that having all that gear in stock ties up a lot of money.
    i can see both sides of the argument though and there's no simple answer sadly.
  14. Go to a big store like MCAS at Auburn, don't waste the salesperson's time and I don't see a problem with it.

    I still buy other assortments from them ie chain lube/cleaner, etc.. But their help sizing me for a leather jacket was not worh $400 extra to me
  15. MCAS difficult to get to from Brisbane....
  16. That's just an example.. Go where ever the equivalent is in Brisbane. I'm sure there is a big place like that there somewhere
  17. A helmet has to be approved to be sold. DOT whateva.
    The cheaper the helmet the quicker the inner foam will die and thus the helmet.
    For $500 you would be wrapping your head in good Shit.
    One little fact I will let you in on.
    When you come off when you are of a more.....wiser age.
    You don't bounce up anymore after a fall.
    You smear over the tarmac. And take ages and ages to recover.
    No matter how much padding you wrap yourself in.
    Sniff around on here or other sites. You will get a good textile Jo rocket or something similar for $50, I would not pay more for 2nd hand.
    Kevlar jeans are a god send. They stop the friction burn.And hold together well so no bad rash.
    They don't stop your hips hyper rotating and bulging three dics in a row though.
    The moral of the story is you cant buy a new head. Or ride without one.
  18. OK happy to report that Springwood Suzuki looked after me. Their customer service is excellent with them helping to fit me and discussing pros and cons of each item.
    The only decision I have yet to make is the Shark helmet with the built in visor (and only because there wasn't one in my size to try on and the Shoei TS-X helemt.
    The latter is a very nice helmet and I reckon would be nice and quiet for long rides and, umm, high speeds. You know like 100. ;)
    I tried on the Shark Helmet (non visor variety) when I test rode a few bikes. It was a good helmet too I reckon.
    As far as jacket and pants I went textile (with some armour in it) for felxibility. Has zip in/out waterproof and warm layers.
    I may well get some leathers in future.
    Thanks everyone for their input.