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Affordable re-chroming & custom airbrushing in Sydney

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by CNS, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    i just bought a 250 cruiser and would like to customise it a little…turning it into a small project ,-

    i am thinking of starting with changing the colour - may be black and silver with some sort of a design ( currently 2 tone silver/burgundy ) and then may be get it all the bits re-chromed

    Would anyone be able to recommend a good place around sydney which does not charge an arm and a leg ?

    Thanks heaps
  2. anyone :( ?
  3. Before you'll get your questions read,
    drop into the "Intro" thread.

    Now we'll ignore this little blot,
    if you just tell us: "Are you hot?"
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  4. Yes very hot haha...and yes just looking for that thread now !
  5. you beat me too it
  6. hmmm not sure if this is helping me with my questions :(
  7. Perhaps pictures would help?
  8. hi,

    Sorry took me a little while to figure out how to upload a pic on here ...

    I found one place so far which quoted 1000K - 1800K depending on the design ...which is definitely more that i want to spend ... so i am really hoping someone in here may know a cheaper way of getting it done...

    These are the bits of my bike i took off ( have also removed the indicators & number plate now )


    And this is the flame effect i am thinking of getting...

  9. Erm, yeah...
    I wasn't really talking about pics of your bike...

    Since I'm here though, the effect you're after looks quite labour intensive - plenty of coats to build up there so I'm not surprised it's expensive.
    Not the answer you want to hear I know, but also:
    The paint on it now looks in quite good nick, and it's odds-on you will crash this bike while you're learning. At the very least it will get scratches in it.
    Spend your money on training courses instead, and dream sweet dreams of your upgrade machine. By the time you get there your skills will be such that a nice paint job is worth having...
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    As you see, NK is our resident kreepy guy....well, one of....

    Mind you, once you get past the kreepy bits, most of the stuff he says is spot on.
  11. thanks NK whilst i agree in what you are saying - the thing is i am not new to riding a bike i had my first one when i was 18... then changed to a second one but had to sell it when i moved to Aussie as it would have been too expensive to ship her over...my last bike was a 650 but found it a little too heavy for my size as i am quite slender ( only weigh 52 kg ) ...i also ride dirt bikes ...

    so yea sorry to mess with your fantasy of me being a hot young 18 year old ...

    reg the paint job being expensive due to labour and complexity is a good point as i have no idea how involved it actually is...so i will keep this in mind and might settle for black only if i cannot find a cheap quote.

    i agree the paintwork is in good nick - but i am "over red" thats all...i started out on a virago and this one looks a little to similar hence why i am keen to change it...

    and if you are wondering why i bought a red silver one in the first place ...it was such a steel that i could not pass up the opportunity - its only 1 year old and has less than 900Km on it...

    i guess i will keep looking and asking around ...

    thanks again

    T2 - Thanks for the heads up - for a minute i thought i joined the wrong site :wink:
  12. The moment you ask someone to do something out of the ordinary - or 'custom' - the price will go up exponentially.

    This applied to pretty much anything.
  13. Lesson #1 about customizing bikes/cars - don't cheap out. You can shop around for sure but as long as your getting the same product/quality as the more expensive one. I've heard alot of people refer to "chinese chrome", when talking about quality of chrome parts. I don't know much about it but I think a good chrome job is "triple plated".
  14. thanks UDLOSE - i definitely keep this in mind, i am still waiting on some people to get back to me and once i have a better idea what i am looking at and i will take it from there...

    i may have to do it in steps ...like get the spray painting done first but will wait a little with the chroming, you are right - cheapest is not always best as i gather that i will only have to get it re-done not long after ... which makes it dearer in the long run.
  15. With chrome I think 'triple plated' is actually another name for 'hard chrome' - this is more expensive and is generally only used on wearing parts (fork legs for example). No point getting hard chrome for handlebars etc.
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  16. Gem of a post.

    As for the custom work... with workshops you get what you pay for; "affordable" is not something you hear from real artists. If I wanted chrome bits I'd put most of my budget towards getting them done properly, then invest my own time into the paintwork. Although, I'm not up to custom designs, but I think i've learnt enough to do a simple respray. You could be happy enough with a different colour, and tackle it yourself if you do some reading.
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  17. Cns, what condition is the paint in at the moment?
    It could save you a lot of money by not having to respray the whole bike?
    If you want, find out how much it would cost to send down and back from melbourne, then if its worth it we could discuss it further about your design.
    To respray your bike for $1800 is actually quite normal, even though they will only spend about $200 worth of paint. On top of that you have to allow another $500 approx for clear coating. The rest is in workmanship.
    Like i said to save money you could keep your existing paint and just add on custom airbrushed art.
    Anyway my email is ld-airgrafix@optusnet.com.au, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
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  18. Thank you so much guys, i appreciate your replies.

    As no one had any suggestions in here i kept tracking different people down, asking around for recommendations... i finally found a guy that does it as a hobby but was happy to do it for me at a small cost - basically charging me only for the paint he uses...he quoted me around $550 which includes stripping the paint off fixing a small dent and re-spraying it black with a blue pearl through it ...

    i ordered a shade shifter flame artwork from the US to avoid extra cost of labour intensive airbrushing which he will also put on for me and then clear coat it ... i cant wait to pick all the parts up... the humidity and rain has caused a delay as he did not want to paint it in this weather ... but he is hoping to get it all ready by monday ... cant wait.

    Reg the chroming ... i did go to the wreckers and got lucky - and picked up the few bits i needed and a few extra screws ... i ideally wanted to re-do the exhaust as well but it is actually not in such a bad shape so i just gave it a real good polish .... and might look into replacing it down the track.

    Thanks again
  19. Wow that is cheap, yes humidity can cause problems, plus it takes ages to dry. Post pictures of Your bike when its finished.