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Affordable fairing repairs - Melb

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Javier Amaya, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Hi to everyone, I bought a CBR 250 but the previous owner had dropped the bike and I would like to repair some scratches in the right side fairing panel but as a student I'm looking for an affordable place to bring my bike. If you guys have some advice for me, I´ll be very happy to hear recommendations.

    Thank you...

  2. Got any pics ?
    I would take the fairing off first.
    Take it to some panel beaters and tell them your paying in cash.
    If theyre not too bad u could take fairing to a auto paint shop and get them to match some touch up paint and touch it up yourself. Depends on how much $ u have and if u want a perfect job or not
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    Thanks mate for your comments, I am trying to upload some images.

    Somebody could just tell how can I put some pictures.....

  4. Don't think that worked mate, I'm using phone and I go to upload a file
  5. To do the job properly you will have to sand back the fairing, repair the cracks with fibre-glass, use body filler to cover in some gouges and a repaint the whole fairing + buy another sticker pack. For a proper job I can't see you having much change from 1k.

    To be honest being a LAMS bike I would just mend the cracks myself with some fibreglass resin to stop them spreading and buy a small pot of touch up paint.

    When you have enough scratches you buy a new aftermarket fairing for $500 from china, respray the whole bike another colour or wait for some plonker with insurance to run into you.
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  6. thank you guys for the info.... I'll do the cheap option as I wanna update for a bigger motorcycle in 6 months.
  7. If u took fairing to auto paint shop 2 tins of touch up paint should only cost u $20 odd each
  8. Thanks mate, Could you tell if you know a shop where they can help me with the touch up Paint, the problema is that I am new here and I dont know places that they can do a good job finding the right colors.
  9. I live in Sydney. Google auto paints. Any decent shop should be able to get a pretty close match
  10. go see troy up at MCR Motorcycle Crash Repairs in tullamarine 0417563600
    tell him mark from MRT Motorcycle Recovery & Transport sent you to him.