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Affordable custom-made leather jacket!

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by psychey, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Affordable custom-made motorcycle leather jacket!

    Hi Netrider peeps!

    I have good news to share with you!

    I am a tall guy with long arms, and my shoulders were in-between sizes. I found it difficult to buy motorcycle leather jackets that are off the shelf in any bike shops. I realised that I have to custom-make one if I want one. I looked everywhere and found one on eBay (my usual shopping destination) who would custom make it and send it to me. I found it hard to go ahead with it because the seller is from UK, but somehow think that the jacket is made in Pakistan! I was afraid that I might pay for something and when it gets to me, it will be a horrible fit, and I will have to fork out money to send it back.

    After a couple of emails, I got a bit comfortable, and I realised that they are willing to do whatever I want, in whatever colour I like. I communicated with the seller via email and also on Skype just before the order. Placed my order and waited.

    After a couple of weeks, I received it and it was perfect! The sleeve length, the should fit was perfect! I was over the moon that I have finally gotten myself a premium leather jacket that fits, and it did not cost me an arm and a leg!

    Let me share this with you. Look at their eBay store. There are different things you can get. They even custom make leather pants too!

    Seller on eBay is: experts.hut
    eBay Store link: http://stores.ebay.com.au/experts-hut

    How much did I spend? Less than AUD$300, and that includes the upgrade to premium leather, addition of ventilation zips, and matching leather gloves! ...and that includes postage!

  2. ..... or you could have gone just down the road to Prouds Leathers factory Outlet at 555 Woodville Road Guildford, phone (02) 9892 1893, and got exactly the same result, without having to pay postage, and with being able to try the products on...... :wink: (y)
  3. Darling what a clever little biscuit you are, nothing wrong with a little bit of research. In the past Pakistan has contributed to the making of many a leather jacket, China is also starting to do the same. I have cast a lingering gaze over the internals of many a suit.......some of the Mountain/TwinkleTwinkle Suits did not appear to live up to their quality or price in terms of finish.

    Perceived value is all well and good but function must rule form........I would hope that you value every part of your body and would choose to ensconce it accordingly.......
  4. Hornet, I did not know that place exists cos no one promotes them, like I do when i find a good place. People love keeping places like that to themselves. Thanks for the tip... although I highly doubt that from that shop, a custom-made jacket like the one I got will not be as affordable. :cool:

    Rattus Norvegicus, I was cautious about function over form too. I made sure that there are the necessary guards to protect me. I am not the kind who will go for flash over flesh. I don't recommend them.

    My reason for promoting them is not only to show that you can actually get custom-made leather jackets, but also have them at value that is easier on the pocket. Plus it fits your body better than the ones off the factory line. Don't have to pay ridiculous amounts for those sitting on the rack. People with special body proportions should take note. Don't settle for a jacket that doesn't have a perfect fit. :angel:
  5. So how was the stitching?
    What sort of leather did they use?
    Where's the pictures?
  6. You should pop down to Prouds and look, anyway, I bought a beautifully made 'dress' motorcycle-type jacket from them a few months ago for only $199. They make a traditional 'Brando' motorcycle jacket, full CE armour and all for just $299.

    I met a guy at the Pie Shop a week ago, and he has a dress jacket from Prouds too, said he's had it for three years and he stitching etc, is still perfect, I've been watching mine for signs of 'cheap' and so far I'm delighted (and I wear it all the time :LOL:).

    These people sell mainly through temporaary 'shops' they set up in the centre of Westfield-type shopping centres, but the Guildford location is a factory shop too......
  7. Hornet, How is the jacket? i was trying on some leathers today at mcas auburn. Wouldn't mind trying out Prouds to see what they have to offer. How is the jacket standing the test of time?