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Affordable Cafe Racer?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by RiderKK, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Hi Netriders

    This is my first post **High fives** :)

    Anyhoo Im on my P's atm (off restrictions in 4 months!!), and Ive been riding a vtr250 for the entirety of my P's.

    But I would LOVE a badass looking cafe racer style bike to nip around the city of melbourne when I come off the P's.

    Are there many Affordable and Reliable ones out there? Or is that not to be expected from Cafe racers under $10,000.

    Thanks folks
  2. Dude, for 10k you can buy yourself one bitchin' cafe racer
  3. It all comes down to maintenance
  4. Traditionally, a cafe racer is something you make yourself, so it could be built out of almost any donor bike.
    There are a couple of off the shelf options, but not many in your price range. Buy someone else's project, or do it yourself?
  5. Given your budget, you could probably get hold of a Kwak W650 and upgrade it bit by bit (it doesn't need much). Ditto a Yam SR400.

    Or, if your definition is a bit broader, any number of late 70s/early 80s bikes that can be had for peanuts, although maintenance requirements go up somewhat. No such thing as a free lunch.
  6. second hand triumph thruxton is around the 10k mark

    or for original bikes like this:

    then this company is a good starting point,

    or just do what i did
    still got 12 months of lams
  7. i think it depends on how hands on you are... check deus for ideas if you havent already... second hand triumphs are a very good idea imo cause you get a nice looking ride but without alot of the hassle.
    i've always thought the cb400 would look great and with just a little bit of tinkering you get a capable bike with all the modern tech.
    or you could just get a street triple- theyre badass, reliable and affordable.
  8. Triumph Thruxton would be the dream, but the kwaka looks so much nicer for the budget.
    I just need to start learning to tinker with the bikes, that way its affordable and still looks awesome.

    Thanks for the photos and links!
  9. Good luck getting a running Commando (or anything else with decent go) for under $10k from Classicstyle :D.
  10. For $10k you could get an "Investment" Cafe Racer not just some run of the mill one...I'd be buying a 1970's Kawasaki Z1, Z9 or even a Z650. But the list goes on an on.....250s I'd be looking at a Yamaha SRV250, upwards you can find anything from Yamaha XJ650s to Triumph Thruxtons, Norton Commandos, 2 Stroke Kawasaki H2s, Honda CB750s, there are even Triton (Norton featherbed frame, Triumph 650cc engine) CRs for under $10k..If you want a turn key "built" bike you can get one for under $10k just do your research and test them all...There is more fun in buying a stocker and "building" your own Cafe Racer but you will lose money on it unless its say a Norton Commando, Kawasaki Z1000 etc...Look up on youtube Cafe Racer followed by the manufacturer of your choice to get a better idea of looks, sounds and seeing the ideas others have come up with...