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Affordable ADLI leather jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lui, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. ...if you are on a budget but still want good protection. Drove past ALDI Guildford (Sydney) a couple of days ago and saw the jacket from August bike sale was reduced to $99. 2 size M left, other ALDIs may have different sizes if there's still stock.


  2. i have never seen aldi's home brand leather jacket in top ryde aldi.
  3. The Aldi jacket is actually good quality and excellent value for money - trouble is that they are a bit on the small side.
  4. Have you actually looked at the gear? You seem to be saying they'll suck on principle despite ALDI's fairly consistent record of glowing reviews from people who actually bought their bike stuff :p
  5. I bought a pair of their gloves and they are very good quality. I have three pairs of gloves, these by far the cheapest but also the most comfortable. The leather jacket (to my amateur eyes) is of good quality as well but could not find an xl ...
  6. that particular poster is a shill for collins leathers if you look at all his other posts, best not to pay him any creed.
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  8. how come i have never seen any bike jacket in aldi?
  9. To answer that question would involve a lot of research that we don't have time for.

    The Aldi jackets are ok, look quite good. Not bad value at $99, leather seems fairly thick, not sure about the stitching. I have one for short trips round town.
  10. I'd be worried about the zips vibrating down and stuff falling out of the pockets, but of course it's a good idea not to have anything of value in motorcycle jacket pockets while riding anyway.
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    Zips seem ok, actually thick and good quality. The jacket is cut fairly short and Id be worried about it riding up if you came off at speed. But as a casual short trip thing its ok.