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afc Asian cup Qatar

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Will Hung, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Yes I know.... no Brazil no Italy no Germany etc. It does not have anywhere neer the same clout as a world cup or European championship but the Asian football cup is still a prestigous event in my opinion and Australia is a half decent shot at laying claim to the number one footballing nation in Asia.


    I think the South Koreans will win it but im hopeful the socceroos do well. This is a chance for Australia to win something significant on the world football stage and send some of the older players that have served us well out on a high with some silverware.
  2. I agree it is still a good tournament and a hell of a lot better competition than we had in Oceania! Hopefully we pump India 5-0 tomorrow and my pick is for AUS & JAP to make the final with AUS to win
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    Australia starts their campaign with an expected dominating win 4-0 over a very lowly ranked India.


    Our next match is against a more formidable South Korea. They have a strong national league greater than ours and plenty of quality players abroad.
    They play well as a team and watching them defeat Bahrain this morning have an impressive passing game and fast paced attack im not sure Australia can handle.

    I won't be suprised if we are very defensive Pim Verbeek style and they bring in 1.94m tall Josh kennedy up front with Cahill to try and poach goals from crosses into the box as it has won us games before againts sides that outclass us.
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    Aus 1 Korea 1 could have gone either way chances missed by both teams.


    Provided Australia draw or win againts Bahrain next game we will make the final 8.
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    Aus 1 Bahrain 0


    Australia top their group on goal difference with Korea and make the quarter finals. Brett Emerton is out for receiving his second yellow, Luke Wilkshire, Jason Cullina and David Carney most likely out through injury.
  6. My prediction is still on track :)

    I can't believe how empty the stadiums are. No wonder the rest of the world thinks the Asian Cup is a joke. Should be some good games coming up though, and Australia has a chance to make amends against Iraq
  7. I think it's more the location. Which is why most people are also amazed as to why Qatar won hosting rights to the 2020? world cup. Pathetic really.

    Australia vs Iraq. It'll be a tight game, but I think Aus will come up trumps by 1 goal. But then they will most likely face Japan (who play Qatar) in the semi's.
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    Aus 1 iraq 0


    Australia get their revenge on the last Asian cup champions in an extra time nail biter. No mocking kangaroo dance celebrations from the iraqi's this time :)

    Australia will play Uzbekistan on Australia day for a spot in the final. Japan will play arch rivals South Korea.
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    Aus 6 Uzbekistan 0


    A shilaking handed out to the Uzbeks who looked nothing like they have all tournament. Torn apart on the counter with strong performances from our very own A-leagues Matt Mckay and Robbie Cruse.

    Australia will play Japan in the final who triumphed over South Korea in a 2 all extra time thriller that went to a penalty shoot out.
  10. Good call =D> hope your right on the second part :)
  11. Haha yeah mate me too. I somehow think it may be a little tighter than against the uzbeks, I'll guess 2-1
  12. i'l be wearing the blue Samurai top and supporting them this week. The Wife say's there will be no food on the table for a week if i dont support her country:facepalm:
  13. I was in Thailand 4 years ago for our group matches and we were woeful, playing like we didn't care, which pretty much p!ssed most of us who made the trip over. Even our 4-0 win over Thailand, to get us through to the quarters was pedestrian. From a purely football point of view they wasted our time and money.

    Fantastic to see them take this tournament seriously. Can't wait till tomorrow night.
  14. extra time begins, it has been a top match too
  15. aussies were wasteful, they had enough chances to win it, though credit to the japanese keeper he made some top saves
  16. Absolutely. Lost count of the chances we had in the first half. In a final you simple can't miss your opportunities, because it gets to extra time, and bam, gone. Although the goal was good, was pretty piss for from our defenders to leave the player completely open.
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    [media=youtube]41dBomwqxlI[/media] :(

    Congratulations Japan, Asian champions. No shame in second though, just wasn't our day on the final.

    I was praying for a world cup Germany 2006 like dying minute heroics comeback. Can't wait until 2015 when its on home soil.