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Aerial/Portable Speed Cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Levih, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Well guys after riding all around western sydney today I confirmed it.

    They have introduced Aerial speed cameras on the M4 heading towards Penrith/Mountains.

    They start around the 110 Zone.

    Also while riding around in Penrith today, I have seen the portable speed cameras at sets of lights.

    They are a box, with a skinny pole sticking out of them.

    The box is the flash at the bottom, so if you think you can make that orange light, dont.

    I mean come on, Aerial Law, I doubt they will make as much revenue to keep that project going, they failed in the 80's.

    Also look out for an orange Helicopter.
  2. Have not heard of these at all... more info?

    Or is it just a hwp hidden round a corner with a camera set up?

    The aerial thing is a bit of a joke, dont know if the one outside goulbourn even operates, choppers are quite expensive beasts to operate...
  3. viet66.

    'I said slow down, mofo!'
  4. Nope, they are self operating systems.

    Ill try and get a picture for you, but like i said,

    its a box that sits on either medium strip or surb, has a skinny pole sticking out of it with a camera, which kind of looks like a web-cam with little infrared lights around the lense at the top.
  5. Which intersection in penrith is it Levih....
  6. Time for some vigilante justice! Molotov cocktails anyone?

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  7. Im not sure, dad's a truckie and spotted them. Ill ask him when I get home.
  8. Thanks for the heads up, will have to keep an eye out...

  9. thats not a speed camera, thats a rego check cam to see if your vehicle is unregisterd
  10. so THAT'S what those cameras are.
    there's one westbound on the Grt Western near Blacktown.

    I er, suppose i can now stop caning past it trying to set it off :D :D

  11. you talking about the 1 just before the m7?
  12. yessir
  13. These are the planes the NSW cops will be deploying to catch speedsters !

  14. that 1 is a truck camera, nothing to do with cars