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Aerial Atom

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by roundman58, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. The following is a review of the Aerial Atom, the quickest road car in production. This is minimalist motoring at its best, and the host makes the comment that it is better than a motorbike. He may just be right.
    And yes, it is the very same company that made motorbikes in the UK.

  2. http://www.ultimacars.com/

    the ultima GTR is quicker...timed at 2.8 0-100 id put money on it going around the top gear track quicker than the atom as well, i reckon it would beat the enzo.

    As for being better..well it might corner faster....but leaning is funner!!
  3. Yeah the Atoms are damned impressive for the money.

    Open Wheeler Imports are in the process of getting them complianced for street use in Australia at the moment.
  4. The rider in the first movie really wasn't trying.
  5. The rider in the first movie is Richard Hammond on his own CBR600RR. He probably didn't want to bin it :p
  6. yeh, pity it wasnt ghostrider on his 285hp gsxr-1000
  7. There's an English firm called ZCars that have actually mounted two turbocharged Hyabusa engines into an Ultima shell (one at each end I imagine). They also fit bike engines to other cars, eg. Lotus Elise or Mini (the original type) with turbo or non-turbo 'busa engines - certainly be fun to drive.
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  9. Its been one of my fav cars for a while. They are currently working out how to get them adr legal, they can only be used on the track at the moment, they are a truly amazing car. Definately on my wish list...
  10. A bit old.. but still, its a fun little car. Possibly less practical than mine!

    There has been efforts to get them into Aus for some years now, a mate of mine was involved for a period... dont get your hopes too high in the short term.
  11. Sorry, I thought this was a new vid. :roll:
  12. I clicked the link then it said "video may NOT be available". :? :?
  13. Atom is a crap car in the A class in gotham racing 3 on xbox 360, ferrari f50gt ftw :D
  14. Hope it's more reliable than the truly awful Square Four :LOL:

    It WOULD be a fun vehicle to have, though, I wonder if CAMS would be interested in a "one marque" racing series with this???
  15. There are racing classes that the atom would slip right into, along side the lotus elises with the same engine/supercharger combo... now they are quick (and slightly more practical) cars! Dont think the atom would be much fun if it rained, or was even vaguely wet, what with the lack of panels and all...
  16. Interesting to see some of the results of the 0 to 100mph and back to 0 test by Autocar magazine (who also tested a GSXR1000 for comparison).
    Ultima GTR - 9.40
    Suzuki GSXR1000 - 10.7
    Ariel Atom (Supercharged) - 11.00
    Ariel Atom - 11.05
    Porsche 911 Turbo - 12.5
    Ford Focus WRC - 13.57
    Lamborghini Gallardo - 13.65
    Corvette Z06 - 13.8
    BMW M6 - 14.95
    TVR Tuscan - 15
    BMW M5 - 15.2
    Audi RS4 - 15.8
    Aston Martin V8 Vantage - 15.81
    BMW Z4 - 15.95
    Porsche Cayman S - 16.46
    Lotus Exige - 16.6
    Nissan 350Z - 18.8
    Ford Focus ST - 21.35

    Given the (relative) low cost of the Ariel that's pretty impressive performance for something with 4 wheels.
  17. 11 seconds to 100 miles per hour; no wonder the bloke on Top Gear had his face so madly distorted!

    Here's a June '06 update of the best of the best times


    Staggering that a road car was only a bit slower than an open-wheeler race car.....
  18. That's 11 seconds to 100mph - and then back to zero. The acceleration to 100mph takes just 6.8 :shock:.