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AEE Magicam. Mounting Positions.

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Randall, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Purchased a AEE Magicam SD21 after a bit of research. Also looked at the Gopro Hero3 but the AEE won out with features and far less dollars.
    I went for a test ride using a standard suction mount to the windscreen but there was too much shaking so I opted, (after research) to hard mount them using the standard 1/4 BSW mount thread typical for most digital cameras. Haven`t test riden the bike yet but the weather here in Brissy today has been shite so I`ll have to test when we get some nice days. I should get some top footage both in front and trailing useing a slightly modified indicator light mount hardware. Very firm, very stable. The AEE comes with a handy remote control that I cable tied to the centre of the handlebars. I can start/stop play anytime.
    Looking forward to riding with the group I roll with sometimes. Should get some good trailing footage of tight turms on big cruisers through the twisties :) IMG_1631.JPG IMG_1629.JPG

    I also have a tether that holds the camera in the event of ther camera coming unattached.
    I`ll whack up a few YouTube links if it turns out OK.
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  2. Nice setup!
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  3. Looks good! Who is it that you ride with?
  4. Steel Horses Dug...good bunch of blokes.
  5. Ahh. Yeah I know them, many used to ride with Kobbers.
  6. I`ll go check out kobbers later Dug.