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AEE MagiCam Action Sports Camera

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by DisgruntledDog, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Kogan have these on sale for $149 at the moment.

    The youtube comparisons look ok, not quite up to the GoPro 3 but at less than half the price, it's probably better value.

    Anyone got one?

  2. Even with remote.

    I'd love to see some reviews before buying. Can't find much, also not sure exactly what model that is.

    But sounds like a good deal for the price.
  3. Watching with interest - who is game to take the plunge first?

    !49 bones is pretty reasonable.......
  4. Just bought one. I only want one for the occasional ride. I'll let you know how it goes.
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  5. Can't wait. Bought it :)
    Looks like a great camera for the price.
  6. These are back up to $199 again.
    Although I keep seeing a banner ad here for $148. Can I claim the reduced cost?
    On a side note, saw new Contour Roam's from the US on ebay for $115 + $18 shipping. Would possibly need additional mounts.
  7. Got this camera today. A lot of mounts, additional battery that can be used together with the original instead of the LCD screen, remote control etc.

    Looks good so far. Yet to test it though.

    I got it for $148, but saw the $50 discount. So the offer may still stand, try to place the order and see.
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    Need any more mounts for handlebar or front fork mount?
    Yeah, can see a link for back to $149 now. might wait until there is some feedback on it. Get out and use it!
  9. Yes, definitely.
    I bought some additional mounts from Kogan too.

    Ha-ha. Will try to use, but if you want I'll gladly show it and let you play with it.

    Be aware. Doesn't include miniSD.
  10. No internal storage at all?
    The Countour I mentioned bundles an SD card with it.

    How does a warranty go through Kogan? That's be something of possible concern if a unit needed to be sent back to China.
  11. I hope I didn't lose it when unpacking, but it is optional on docs too. Some cams don't include. Not a biggie.

    1 year I believe.

    So far pretty nice cam for the price.
    Photo quality seems to ne bad, maybe that's just lighting and I need t adjust settings.

    Video isn't perfect either. Remote works fine.
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  12. Reviews indicated that low light may be an issue.
    Settings changed via the LCD screen on the camera?

    Any software with it or downloadable or isn't it needed?
  13. Has a pretty cool option - vehicle black box. Turns the cam on when it shakes and off if it doesn't for 3 mins.

    Update: combined with automatic stand by I can switch the cam on and never worry when to switch it off or on again. Pretty cool.

    Update 2: for some reason I thought this cam has video tagging, like drift hd. No it doesn't.
    Instead it has pre-recorded video. That is the video recording starts without saving data. Pressing record button again starts saving the video from about 6 seconds ago.
  14. Bought one of these and it arrived yesterday, so far seem very good. Colours are very bright.
  15. I rode with the camera today. Will hopefully upload video soon.


    1. Battery lasted less than an hr even with the additional one. I sort of used it a little before riding, but didn't expect it to drain so quickly. Expected at least 3hrs (lowest res used) out of claimed 4.
    2. Couldn't stop recording on one stop. Had to switch it off and then on. Don't know the reason.
    3. Video quality is pretty good, even at lowest res.
    4. Sound is great. No wind noise whatsoever. Zero! Only the engine. But also can't hear anything when talking at a stop (that's fine with me).
  16. The video:

    3 positions:

    1. Tail (shaky)
    2. Fron mud guard.
    3. Right fairing.

    Feel free to give feedback on my riding or camera related.
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  17. I'd be happy with that quality.

    The one on the right fairing shows too much wheel and not enough road for me.
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  18. Yeah, mounting it properly was a bit of a pain because I can't rotate it much. Not biggie, can be fixed.

    The quality is pretty good. Especially keeping in mind that it's a lowest setting available.

    Rode with it today again. I don't know why but the camera switched off in the middle of the ride somewhere.
    I thought it's a battery, but I still have about half of charge.

    Sounds like S/W issue with it.
  19. +1 Agreed.....

    Overall the quality for the price looks all good by my standards.

    That would be my guess........loss of power due to bad connector, bump or bad switch.
  20. What can I do about it though?

    And yeah, can anyone tell anything about my riding? ;)