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Advise on what mobile phone package to get

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by V2, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. My telstra contract has finally run out, and I need a new phone. Has anyone done the research tately to fin out who provides the best phone/call package? I was on a $30 plan, but these caped deals seen to be the way to go?

  2. I've been looking for a new phone aswell and the w880i on a three contract is the phone I keep coming back to. I currently have the w800i and I think its a bewdy. So I can see myself changing up to the W880i very soon :cool:
  3. If you have "3" service (not 3g but 3 the company) go for one of thier capped plans. They have a good range of phones too. Pity I dont get coverage but I went through the process with my son a couple of weeks ago. He's in Melb.
  4. I'm on Optus' capped $49 plan.

    You can pretty much get any phone you want on it, + I use my phone for whatever, whenever, I lend it to people who need to make a call, spoken to America for a couple of hours, I use phone directory services.

    Never ever paid more than the $48.99 cap amount that appears on my bill.

    Lurv it, wouldn't have any other plan.
  5. Im currently with "3" and have been for ages!
    I constantly call clients and speak for lengthy periods of time, always use voicemail, send hundreds of text messages, web services and call overseas.

    Occasionally i go over my cap but its always reasonable.
    The call rates arent too bad either (Especially compared to Telstra! :shock: )

    In this day and age, i cant understand why anyone wouldnt choose a capped plan?

    You can do everything online and they're always more than helpful.

    Good Luck :)
  6. If you are going to get a 3G (2100MHz) phone first ensure you live within the networks coverage area or you will be buying an expensive GSM 2G phone.

    The Hutchison "3" Network covers most of metro Melbourne from Werribee to Mt Eliza and out to Dandy (not sure about East or North coverage), they also have a number of base staions around Geelong (Lara-Waurn Ponds-Grovedale-Leopold). The Optus & Vodafone networks have similar 3G (2100) coverage footprints as does the Telstra 3G which is basically the "3" network anyway.

    The Telstra Next G network (3G 850MHz) works pretty much anywhere you have CDMA or GSM coverage at present so will work in the outer suburbs and country towns.