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Advise on used Ninja 250R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ke3pup, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I just recently got my L's and looking to buy a ninja 250R. I know next to nothing when it comes to mechanical stuff hence why i'm posting here for some advice.

    I searched Bikesales,gumtree and tradingpost for $4000 to $5000 price range (But really can't go higher than $4500). one that caught my eye is 2009 model that is going for $4200. I am going to see it tomorrow but since i know nothing of motorbikes (not even confident enough to test ride it!!) i wouldn't pick up of flaws unless they're very visible, and unfortunately don't have anyone to take with me.

    so my question.

    the bike is 2009 model Ninja 250R.
    Going price $4200. It has done 21,000Kms. Is that very high? Wil it be problematic? What should i be looking for?

    please share any tips you think i can use to pick up faults and hopefully appear as a confident buyer. thanks
  2. Have a look Here

    This is a good guide for second hand bikes...

    As long service Manuals are up todate there should be no problems... I bought a 2012 Model ninja 250R and i love it more than likely i will never sell it but till then i'm keeping her...

    It's not the fastest bike in the fleet but she does have some balls...

    But please check the guide out...
  3. Thanks for replying. The guide is awesome,can't wait for tomorrow's inspection . Cheers
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    Glad u could help and good luck :)
  5. You should be able to talk him down. My Ninja was at 11,000 km and advertised at $5k i knocked him down to $4200. Same price for a bike with twice the k's as mine sounds a bit pricey.

    Should have said, same model, 09, and bought last september i think.