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Advise on to buy or not to buy Honda VTR 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by calisleo, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Found a bike (VTR250 - 2001 model and 36,400 km, Regularly serviced, new rear tyre and brake pads. Registered to May next year) with a reasonable price (i think), but there is a dent on the tank and a bit rust on conner (see picture)


    and also the scratch on muffler (see pictue)


    Should i buy it or not. The buyer asking price is $3300 neg, what should i offer?
    Anyone know how much it cost to fixed the dent?

  2. if it's OK and cheap buy it and get a tank cover. thats what i did with my VFR800
  3. Well it has obviously been dropped and the engine is about 1/3 gone judging by the k's.

    I would probably keep looking the price isn't anything to write home about for what you are getting but then again I am not too up on vtr prices.
  4. tell him he is dreaming !!

    check out other parts of the bike, that looks like some serious damage !

  5. good to see you show your noobness, thats not many K's at all a fellow NR bought one with 55,000 and had no probs till it got written off
  6. calisleo, where abouts are you? if your unsure there might be another NR that might be willing to take a peek for you
  7. Offer him 3. IMO 3 is a good deal on any VTR, as i found out when i was looking for mine...they hold their value so well...like most 250's i guess. Its difficult to find a VTR under about 4 that isnt an old banga.
    I purchased mine for 5 on the road. It was an '03 with 27,000k's on it and
    that was the best deal i came across after doing about 3 months research.
    At least this looks to be just cosmetic and not mechanical, so I'd say after
    having a close look to make sure everythings straight and it is then buy it for sure :wink:
  8. The Bike is located in Newcastle, i was thinking to drive up there in weekend.
  9. Doh didnt see the price.
    need to know more info to make a good jugement.
    brakes, chain/sprockets, rego, etc, etc
  10. Regularly serviced, new rear tyre and brake pads. Registered to May next year
  11. When did I say it was alot ? I said it was about one third through its life, which is true.....

    I was just voicing my opinion that it isn't worth it, you are free to voice your opinion just don't start calling people names for having different opinions.
  12. I got quoted $400 -$500 for tank repair (bog) and repaint whole tank and tail. That was for the 250 Hornet. probably be about the same for VTR. That was in Vicco though. shouldn't be too much problem to rotate the pipe. But you might as well go a new megacycle for around $500-600.

    Damage doesn't look too bad probably a low side, very similar to damage on my bike. definitely fix up the rust if you don't get it repainted. 30,000+ km is nothing, as long as the last owner fed her well and didn't abuse her too much. Definitely ask why it hasn't been repaired. could be as simple as no money, no time, or owner didn't really care. ( in that case what else did the owner not really care too much about....)

    I'd definitely ask someone in the know to take a look at it for you.
  13. I really worried that people won't touch my minimonster with a 50 foot pole in four months time. It'll be around 55,000-60,000km by the time I'm done with it, 45,000 of that mine. It's been well maintained since I got it - better than the two previous owners who only covered 15,000km in 6 years, at least... But I know all the learners are going to discount it on face value because it's not an RR and it's done more than 7,000 Sumoto Kilometres.

    Anyhow. Sorry, I'm being cynical. :)

    +1 to the things people have said. Since it's a few years old, make sure the fork oil has been changed recently. Fork oil goes 'off' over time as it absorbs moisture, and that affects handling and ride comfort.

    If the bike's alright mechanically (regularly serviced) and hasn't got any handling flaws, there's no shame in buying a pre-dropped bike, especially if it wipes a bit of money off the price.

    My theory is, if the bike's already fallen over once, it'll know how much it hurts and won't do it again. :)
  14. buy it
    get somone whow noes to respray that section for about 150-200 bucks
  15. Any Net rider member in the Newcastle area and give me hand in weekend to inspect the bike :)
  16. :?
    1/3 of the way through what? Since when does an engine, properly serviced, suddenly die at 100,000? What's more, it is a Honda :grin: The bloody thing will run forever if you look after it.

    The fact that it has been dropped would certainly inspire me to have it looked over very carefully before handing over my hard-earned. As has been said, there may be further damage.

    Also, and this is where the k's come in, depending on what you add to it, they may impact on resale value. However, as for engine life and reliability...you'll be fine. Stick to the service intervals, and you should have no problems.
  17. I test rode a VTZ250 (1985 i think), same motor, had 130000kms on it, still went great.

    Check the price of a second hand fuel tank (make sure it isnt rusty). One that doesnt have any dings in it and black shouldnt cost too much, then take that price off his asking price, and say why you are offering that much. If everything else is straight, it should be right. I wouldnt worry about scratches on the exhaust, even some of the most experienced people come off their bikes every now and then.
  18. buy it

    at 3300, that looks like a really good price. given that its mechanically sound, which is should be seeing that its been serviced.

    cosmetic damage means shit, and you might drop it anyway.
  19. Some of the bullshit in this thread made me laugh out loud.

    As has been said, 33,000km's is nothing. I know several Honda's that were still running happily at 200,000kms.

    Fork oil is not hygroscopic as was mentioned. It does not 'go off' it simply gets filled with particulates which filter passed the seals or wear off the fork internals.

    If you a/ aren't a mechanic and b/ are still riding a 250/have less than a couple of years riding experience. Just STFU.
  20. too bloody much mate, I picked up a VTR with 60 000 kms on the clock (i've brought it up to around 64 000 since) about a month ago. The VTR engine is a beauty, keep it maintained and you'll never have troubles. Similar engine in the Spada, and i know a few that's going on 100 000kms with no probs.

    i paid $3500 for mine. Good condition, paint's a bit scuffed, but that's usual for that age bikes. Had new pads/chain/sprockets as well.

    Take a long hard look on the frame. If that's scraped/bent/damaged forget it, bike's a goner. That's a pretty bad dent in the tank. Get the rust fixed. You might be able to go to a panel beater and get it beaten into shape. Looks like the damage happened a while ago and its been left to the elements... i'd say its a pretty neglected bike.

    i'd pay 3000 tops for that mate.