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Advise on Protective Waterproof Jacket & Pants...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Shori, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm looking to buy protective waterproof jacket and pants.

    Just wondering if there are any that really keep one dry in heavy rain. As to what I have read on this forum there is nothing 100% waterproof.

    Have read some good reviews on - DriRider RallyCross Evo & M2R was suggested on another forum. Someone suggested M2R is a cheaper version of DriRider...works just the same.

    What are you guys using out there....not too expensive. Still looking for a full time job...:cry:

    Also, is it cheaper to buy it from an overseas website, like the U.S or something.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. my rjays waterproof pants work fine and ive been in very heavy rain. my jacket is dririder and keeps me totally dry too

    the only problems is my nike shoes filling with water cos i havent bought proper boots yet lol
  3. Rjays vector pants. Nothing gets through and breathable so no internal sweating (hence good for keeping cold out in winter). Tiger Angel jacket w removable goretex liner. Goretex lined boots. Ridden in bucketing downpours on freeway newcastle to sydney. Dry as.
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  4. I've been wearing a DR Rallycross Evo and can safely say that anyone claiming it to be even remotely waterproof is either lying or deluded. That includes DriRider of course.

    I've always used cheap yellow plastic jackets and pants from workwear shops and bought in a big enough size that they fit over my proper riding gear. They work well. If I had similarly waterproof boots and gloves I'd be sorted for even the worst downpours.
  5. Thanks for the advise guys, much appreciated.

    I had RJays Tornado Pants and they tore apart (btw can they be fixed...???) from between my legs while I was getting on the motorbike. They were ok in terms of protection but not breathable at all and would get very hot in them.

    Now I'm looking for protective gear that I can just wear as normal and not something on top of a leather jeacket or pants.

    - where did you buy this. I'm in sydney.
  6. You could just buy a cheap waterproof oversuit
  7. In the end, after trying all kinds of stuff, that's what I'm now doing.
  8. I have to ride in all conditions and have had plenty of wet gear.
    They all lose their weather proofing and need redoing.
    No matter how much you pay it all goes mouldy under the seat.
    The more waterproof it is the hotter it will be.
    I buy the cheapest soccer wet training gear form A mart all sports. Usually between $15 and $25.
  9. big (y) to my dririder jacket. It's held up pretty well for the last 5years, and works pretty good in the rain. Removeable wet and winter liners and pretty cool in summer.


    Mine did the same, and I managed to fix them by using this tool. Pant Fixing Tool
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  11. tiger angel is very good but expensive. around $600 for an element jacket. forget what the pants are. I rode for about an hour through the rain on Tuesday morning and stayed dry.

    edit. they come up on e-bay occasionally and are usually cheap as most people don't know about them