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Advise on next Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by WannaVTR, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. Hi all, Seeking some advise on my next bike. I am currently still on restrictions and ride a Suzuki Bandit 250. I really like the VTR 1000F and I am 99% sure that it will be my next bike after I'm off the restrictions. What are your thoughts?

  2. have you ridden a twin before? not trying to sway you away from it or anything, but there is a big difference between a twin and a 4. just like with buying that first bike, try a few on for size and see what you like. if you've got the money to get a VTR, then you've got a few decent options there.

    lotsa ppls here love the VTR but i reckon have a look at the TLs and SV (my fave :D ) if budget permits. also have a shot on a couple of 2nd hand 600/1000 inline 4s, if you like to have a real fang then you really cant go past them. i cant be stuffed trying to explain the differences, just go and have some fun trying them all on for size :D
  3. Thanx Coconuts..... I'm not really that worried about the ' Fang ' factor ( however having the ability there would be great ). I luv the sound of the V-Twin and the overall design of the VTR's riding position & Setup.

    I have looked at the SV1000 and I would luv to take both the SV and the VTR for a ride however I have to wait until my restriction ends :(
  4. pffft !

    I rode Big 4 cyl screamers for years, and after having 'nicole' for 369 days now i could never go back to one of those in line 4 hunks of junk :p

    The torque and low down power is unf###### beliveable :twisted:
    I love to see any 4cyl pull out of a corner at 3000rpm and pick the front wheel up as you pull away

    :LOL: :p :LOL: :twisted:
  5. 'nicole', eh?
    Mine's more of a bertha.

    Besides, WannaVTR might have problems explaining the name if he/she/it buys a 4.
  6. VTRBob,

    How do you find the fuel econ on the VTR? Does yours have the 16 or the 19 ltr tank?
  7. mines got the 17ltr tank which is the bikes ONLY downfall, it gives you about 170 b4 you hit reserve, but its alot of fun doing that 170ks :twisted:

    in fact the harder you ride you beter fuel econ you get, a squeezed 210 out of it once b4 the reserve light came on , and that was a very hard and quick ride up through the mountains 8)
  8. yeah, but you dont hit redline at 4000 rpm on a 4 pot do ya :LOL: :LOL: :wink: horses for courses, if you like a lazy pickup, the twins are the go but if you like the motor to work hard for you, grab the 4. i still reckon ride them all, at least have a shot on a 4 to see what its like before you set anything in concrete.

    not saying i'd prefer a 4 tho, i'd have an SV if i had the money. the top end power on an inline litre will be totally lost on me (at least for a little while) i reckon it'd be much easier to get the most out of a twin. if someone has a stacked SV1000 that they wanna sell me then i'll get that instead, but i CAN get the GSXR1000 so thats what i'm gunna end up with :D
  9. hmm thats funny i could swear my redline is 9500 and my CBR that i sold to get this baby redlined at 10500 , hmm only dropped a thousand revs on the redline :wink:

    And lazy pickup ? dont think so... while your still in 1st and thinking about changing im heading for 3rd and can just see you in my mirrors :p

    and as for twisty stuff , the less i say about the better

    :LOL: :p :LOL:
  10. i'm not convinced, but we'll see in a few months time when i've got a licence and the bike is ridable :twisted:
  11. Stuff you all with your girly inlines and slugish V-twins :p . Go get yourself V4 powered perfection and never look back 8) :D .

    You even get a wide choice: VFR400, VFR750, VFR800FI and the VFR800 V-Tech (ugly bastard that it is). There's also the old VF1000 if you like old-tech.

    Then there is the yamahahas too, there'e the venerable V-Max torque monster, just forget about corners on that one.

    I have the best of both worlds and none of the draw backs.....geez, my bike kicks arse 8) .
  12. C'mon guys, the choice is easy. Forget twins, forget yer fours. Want best of both worlds? Get a Triumph triple!!! :D :D
  13. Any singles(!) out there want to comment?

    Ducati Supermono anybody?
    (Shame they gave up on that one.)